Lethal Sneezes

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Lethal Sneezes! Mostly FBF

Remember this next time you feel a sneeze coming on!

I made it a bit better than it was before

This is old stuff


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how did you get that color for the sky?

in flash mx 2004 i see the mixed colors..blue green red..silver slowly getting darker..but how did you get that exact color?


awsome movie

faye-smith responds:

Hi, thanks... I used the colour mixer, linear. With blue and white at either side

...and don't ever sneeze

I remembered this song I sang way back in kindergarten about a meatball sitting on a pie and you sneezed, and it kept on rolling until it came to a hill and grew into a meatball tree!

Great work there, but just to ask, what is the song in the credits? The one that keeps on going "ah-choo!"

faye-smith responds:

lol, it's The Tweenies!


it was ok, i presonally liked the "cliff hanger"
when it comes to 'lethal sneezes', this was an old stunt we did for high-school video art classes: show the same person sneezing like 4-5 times and then right after every sneeze show like a bomb exploding or a bridge collapsing. thats what we used to do.
either way, this animation was alright.

faye-smith responds:

cool... thanks

i've sneezed better

it was a nice try but you sucked at it.... The animation sucked, the voices acting sucked, the plot sucked..... i only give cerdit for trying

faye-smith responds:

for god sake... it's only a joke.

Until you make something shut the F up

Man that was funny

Even though all of your animation sucked, i guess that is why i liked it.

My favorite one was the first one when he fell off the cliff, and you are right, It doesnt have to be the best movie ever. It was just so stupid it made me laugh. Plus the voices were cool, good job, i want you to make more of these like deaths by something else. That would be cool.

dont change what you do, keep up the good work!

faye-smith responds:

cool, thanks

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3.00 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2005
12:32 PM EST
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