Holy Sword 3

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This is my forth flash on NG. I tried to concentrate more on frame by frame on this one. First, some things to clear up: okay, so ninjas are actually evil warriors. I don't care, i made a "good" ninja cuz they are so cool :). I know the Holy Sword resembles the Master Sword, but what other color besides blue emphasizes "holyness"? gimme a break.
Enjoy, and please leave a review so i know how i can improve.


Lol. Bleade is one bad mutha.

First he kills Goku and now he's trying to kill the Ninja/Holy Ninja/Blue Knight of Heaven's Light/Megaman Hand/Gray-haired Hero Guy.

Sometimes, the world just needs to spawn hero blooded people. Less effort required.


First off, awesome flash.

Second off, Ninja aren't "Evil". Originally they were nothing more than pesants standing up to the noble class' warriors, the samurai. Ofcourse some people were going to abuse their abilities and steal, but Ninjutsu and Ninja are nothing more than martial artists. No mysticism, no magic, no good/evil orientation. Just good ol' Martial Artists defending themselves.

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O.o Live and Learn

I don't care what the others(who didn't like it) say, I believe this was a good flash. Definitely better than what I'm working on right now.

The only thing I though could have been better was the fight at the begining. If I were you I would study master swordsmen to see how a swing and block flows into one another.

I was very surprised by the end. After seeing the vilian return, I was pretty sure the hero would arise in a blaze of glory, but what I didn't expect was the DBZ style upgrade(great choice by the way) and the Live and Learn song. That's my favorite piece of music from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

It was good...

...But couild have been better. And to the person who posted before me, I love that show


MNEH! i didnt get to see it all, just beginning, narutos on!

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3.75 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2004
4:04 PM EST
  • Daily 5th Place December 6, 2004