Memory: Deleted Scene

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Please watch “Memory” before viewing this movie!
If you haven’t seen “Memory” yet, I HIGHLY discourage viewing this movie as it will make no sense at all!!

I did not seperate this just to get a higher batting average or another award or anything like that! I've explained the reason in the description in the below paragraph, please don't misunderstand the reason I split the two movies!


Phew, I've been responding to reviews like mad, and I'm so tired! The biggest mistake I ever did was to vow to respond to every review, I'll never do that again for my future flashes, lol!


Memory exceeded the 16000 frames limit, so 'NO' its not because I exceeded the size limit, the total combined movies were about 3,300 KB (clearly under the size limit) but the movie sort of "jams" near the end and errors happen, there's a whole article on that on Macromedia's website.. So I had to split it, this version here contains only the missing deleted scene from the original file. I did NOT do it to get more awards or more attention etc... !

[sigh] I doubt the votes on this version will be high, but please know that I’m sacrificing my batting average just to let you people see the deleted scene… I would appreciate keeping the voting score on this movie as close as it can be to the original version’s voting score... -update- wow I didn't expect this movie would have this score, thanks guys that is so kind of you all! and much appreciated!

oh yeah, and be prepared to face your worst nightmare: my voice acting!

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So very deep...

It was a very emotional flash at the start, which was aided by that deep voice which was quite strange yet nice. I liked the movie, I liked this scene. Incredible work.


Wow! I loved the movie and it makes me think.....I appreciate that work of art that you have created. I like the narrator's voice,too.It is spooky and comforting at the same time. Nice work! Keep it up!

wow... man... that was deep...

i dont really know what else to say, except i have one question:

in the first bit, about the journalist guy, near the end, where he was running down the never ending stairway into darkness:

1. i will have nightmares about that, thanks... its always been one of my worst fears...

2. right after that, there was that high pitched noice... then the white, then some guy sface like a doctor, what was that supposed to symbolise? that freaked me out... and i didnt get it... so its still freaking me out... was that supposed to mean he died in the hospital?

neway, great movie!

wow, i totally forgot bout u makin part 2

hey mate its me zarok again...u prolly dun remember me but that really inspired me wen i saw the first 1 and i came past it again.. well done the the deleted scenes mate...oh and btw....devil may cry 3 came out WAY after i saw part 1 of this... and wen i saw it again i was like OMG...anyways..i leave ya to whatever ya do:P take care

dude thankyou

i gave u an 8 in graphics cus they were quite decent for the flash.8 in style cus well the style of the flash and everything was awsome.sound a perfect ten,the words were clear and the music didnt sound grainy.no violence.10 in interactivity cus well it made me think of someone.i am amazed at the quality of this flash.and theslight wisdom behind it.woderful.i look forward to the nxt flash u make.

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4.48 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2004
4:38 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place November 9, 2004
  • Weekly 5th Place November 10, 2004