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A Bass Tale 2

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Author Comments

Part 2 of my new series.
Yes! I know that the animations shaky but it just that my GOOD animated sprites were deleted because of a virus and I had to reboot my computer. Enjoy.
I you want to see more of A Bass Tale then visit www.geocities.com/mental
_myles/bass to see A Bass Tale 3 in comic form.

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kinda nice but...

were is number 3 and 4 i search for them for over a year XD

... m'kayyy

Man i hate dudes who give full 0 without any explaniation (I mean YOU [The last wrtier])

But this wasn't as good as part 1... Anyhow it was cool.

Only geeks like this crap!

One of the most boring movie ever! You guys are total geeks for like this crap. The guy below me gave Mega Gays whole history, stail! Listen you want a game to look up to HALO! MAn UP!

Rocks harder than the first, and the first rocked!

Bass vs Proto Man, at last a clash of the titans, but something just wasn't right, Proto Man met Zero, but unless Zero came through a time portal or something that's impossible because quite simply BASS AND ZERO ARE THE SAME GUY! After his betrayal of Dr.Wily, Wily locked him up and deleated his memory for 30 years, after that time, he was discovered by Mega Man X who got him out and fought alongside him, without his memory, Zero forgot he was Bass and forgot his hatred of Mega Man.

its cool

yea...3-4 are good n all...but it would kinda make sense to eventually put em' on here along with # 1-2