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Reviews for "A Bass Tale 2"


-Make the text readible. At that size, it was completely incomprehendible.
-When the characters say words like "fuck" and "cunt" you can see quite easily that you haven't really given them any characters, you've just given them generic dialog from your own mind. Give your characters personalities, and stick to them. It'd make it a lot more attention grabbing and worthwhile.
-On the other end of the scale you could scrap story completely, not have any dialog, and just have intricate battle scenes. It looks like you were somwhere inbetween the two, and it didn't really pull of.

Good work though! I like it. Do you make your own sprites, or is there a site where you can download them?

MylesAnimated responds:

1. Yeah! I'm kinda noticed it now and adding bigger text in the next episode.
2. Lets put it this way,the Mega-MAn characters spent many years of blowing each other up, so you cant be really suprized that they developed a potty mouth.
3. I kinda make the stuff up as I go along.
4. Yes and No. Yes as in making my own animated sprites and no as in making a sprite sheet. I just go to a site and do the rest in flash.

not to shabby

im not a fan of sprites but i gave u a five....you did a pretty good job on that. the only suggestion i have for u is mabey dont use such corney lines...like "who are u anyways......i cant tell you that" lol but good job


ns sprites keep up the good work

not that bad

it was kinda good, i liked the picture instead of the thoughts, but choose one or the other and stick to it...it worked fine on my comp, wasnt choppy either...

It just popped up and did nothing...

Its a waste of time it just was there. This might not be your fault but fix it!!!!

-UsD- :)

MylesAnimated responds:

Why is it that everybody blames me because of thier slow ass computers! Its fucking annoying!