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Deep Fried, Live!

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Welcome to the first animated cooking show hosted by an appetizer. Deep Fried, Live! with Tako the Octopus is an entertaining, enlightening, and often dangerous look at the mysteries and methodology of modern food preparation. It’s the ultimate culinary spectacle, offering secret ingredients (that refuse to be cooked), in depth cooking science, printable recipes, and direct links to the latest cookware and ingredients. It’s also a thorough exploration of how much damage one octopus can do with an unlimited supply of kitchen artillery.

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this is probably the best animated webseries about kitchens!!!

Portal Fighter brought me here

The Stupid Gamer loved this movie. He has made arrangements to go to the local zoo and find a Octopus. He fell in love with Tako and now has fired his personal chef, to be replaced by the Octopus he is going to lend from the local zoo. He is also looking out for chicken there and beer.

HAHAHa "hes not just a appetizer any more !"

I expected this to be some messed up gruesome show about an octopus slaughtering humans or a cooking show, still pretty funny.