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The Matrix Still Has You

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“The Matrix Still Has You” is the follow up to the original collection. Again, it features a number of different Flash artist coming together to make a series of short movies based on the Matrix!

Unlike the first however, it’s a little more focused and most of them aren’t action based.

First we have “Agent Training” by Cycon, is maker of some underground hits here on NG. He’s part of the DCK crew, and this is his last cartoon in this style.

“Subway” is by my buddy Serge, who was suppose to be in the first collection but got busy. He animates the first Neo vs Smith fight. Frame by Frame kung fu!

I, LegenadryFrog, handle “Twins,” a short that was again intended to be in the first but I soon realized it wasn’t possible. I animated alot of it 6 months ago and finished it up after “The Matrix Has You“ was released.

“Mobil Ave” is a very animeish short by Joanime. She’s quite the popular one on www.deviantart.com.

Lastly, we have “The Siege” by Gerkinman… which is the most random and longest of the movies. Will you enjoy his off the wall humor? We’ll see.

I’m also very proud of the Menu system… I could watch it forever! There’s also a few secrets hidden around…

Hope you all enjoy! Everyone worked really hard on making this the best it can be. Will there be a 3rd one? I hope so, but I’m taking a break from Matrix. But I have some people in mind!

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Giving out my to what I think is the last review of 2020. Just glad to watch this again. watched this before I watched the matrix as a kid. Pretty great collab.

Old, but still really good.

i liked it when mario ate the mushroom buit instead of getting big he had a trip on the mushrooms

Gerkinman's flash is the best one ever.

Wow, over 485 pages of reviews and I'm the first one in years to review this. I'm so glad, because it's great! "The Matrix" series may have been over for a long time, but its legacy lives on. The sounds and music are amazing. Joanime just draws good looking women. I wish she was back here.

At first, I was disappointed that LegendaryFrog didn't animate one. I then realized he just worked on two parts, one as the writer! I think my favorite would have to be the first one. It just seemed to capture the spirit best. Gerkinman's part was great too, though.

ROFL! 10/10 =D