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Reviews for "The Matrix Still Has You"


made me laugh - keep it up

Meh, mediocre i guess..

It was kinda lame at some places and drawn out too far.
Some of the jokes however were spot on.


thats because the matrix is run by a 56k modem; *stupid dial up*



Making some very good jokes and puns on the weaknesses of the movies. The Subway was my favourite because it so concisely got the character of Smith with a dozen words. All of them brilliant, though I wasn't much for the Seige, in either animation or voice/music. Joanime's always a pleasure to see. All up... Lovely.

I especially love the menu screen and the character profiles. Always good to know the animators a little better. I notice Joanime appears to be wearing what appears to be a rash of bacon. Very cool character art for those as well :)

All up, good with a few laughs but not as good on the whole as many other movies.



good flash but i never knew whats the name of the mobilave music u used