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Prowlies at the River

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The Brackenwood prowlies are usually harmless, but when provoked they can be very dangerous... especially in numbers.

I hope you'll find the download worth it.. it plays for approx 6 min 30 sec and there is a lot of animation, special effects and huge sound effects so I guess they're the reasons for the file-size.

I'd like to thank Sham Bhangal for the scripted camera - woO0o no more tweening backgrounds to simulate camera moves :) There is a URL in the movie where you can learn to make this camera yourself.

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Damn this is awesome. The water animation is sick!

Amazing animation, scenery, and comedy as always! That tree swing at 2:19 is animated so well that it looks like CGI!

You have truly changed the course of flash animation history! :D

so many nostalgia laughs and now some more

Animated like a cartoon for kids,i love it

The flashback of YuYu jumping around with his friend makes me sad for some reason what a nostalgia :(