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Reviews for "Prowlies at the River"

An outrage!

How can anyone not love Brakenwood!?
The people who give such slanderous reveiws can't denie the fantastic work on the art and animation.
So there are no (well, few) vocals, that doesn't mean there is no story!
Read the comments, there's the story, there's no need for more explination!
It's sickening how many people have such bad taste that they could call this anything but the fine specimen of animation this is.

This deserves best all-time award.

This truly deserves it's best all-time flash award.. congratulations, and excellent work!

that was fuckin awesome

the best flash i have ever seen. keep up the good work.


I definitely have t0 say that any0ne wh0 says that this isnt an almighty flash deserve t0 be captured and sh0t t0 be h0nest
this is actually 0ne 0f the m0st h0ly things i have ever seen it r0cks s0 hard its just brilliant
Really g00d j0b i h0pe t0 see l0ts l0ts m0re

No difference between this and Disney

Except, this has got tons of originality. This raises the bar for flash animation way up. I hope someone thinks about this before they vote 10 on some stick figure movie. Great job! Great characters! Great deleted scene!