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Posting and you....

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Author Comments

This was made by lunchtimemama, a forum moderator at steampowered.com. if you have ever been on the steam forums, you will understand this flash perfectly! rofl

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A mate of mine linked me to this a while back, I loved it.

Just rewatched it. It's still great.


I'll have to agree with DutchECK on this one.


All newbies on any forum should be forced to watch this.

You win the internet!

Funny and informative. Their be so many less shit threads out their if the mods made people watch this

((( HAHA )))

OMG this was awsome man this should be on the bbs like before everyone gets to post there first post and all haha god it was funny, and its perfectly voiced giving it that old style feel, but more importantly very funny and making for great humor so notad at all, keep up the great work...