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Reviews for "Posting and you...."


LoL i loved this so much never thought someone was gunna make a movie bout this hehe
yeah wow this has been around for a year....hasnt people learned lol
good job

Noob posters

I am a Super Moderator myself at chaptercheats forums and I see this spamming or "noob talk" all the time. I sometimes go to Steam Forums and see this, but I guess it happens on all forums. We have to give warnings to these people time and time again.

That was brilliant.

This movie is funny and helpful at the same time.

Nice work.


Being British, I can't say I've seen films like these in school before (though I am aware of them thanks to shows like The Simpsons). I myself mod a forum and I've encountered the kind of newbies who make dumb, pointless posts. Talk about being bloody annoying.

Anyway, back to the flash. Simple and straight to the point. However I was expected it to be a bit longer. After making reference to "l33t" (i.e. the "Urge"), I expected you to go into a little more detail about it. I'd like to have heard you bad mouth it. But I agree with gfoxcook about a short faq like this often being better. Nice job.

SAY hello to little Billy...

ah, that classic opening line.

The big ONE 1 1 1 1 1... haha. Er... anywho. It goes without saying... very very humourous "old school" mannerism-laden speaking style. Conan O'Brien MUST have been an influence, he's the main luminary responsible for the resurrection of said style as of late. Anywho... quite the hilarious public service announcement, complete with funny & stupid sponsorship at the end.

It could have been longer, but then again, FAQs are best when they're as short, sweet, streamlined, and succinct as possible, and this was emblematic of that. Good show.