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Reviews for "Posting and you...."

good clean fun

nicely done good dry style, maybe you have even helped one of the many troubled youths that frequent this site


That was pure gold!! And so true...You know, every forum member in ANY forum should watch this before posting. It covers everything all the dumbasses do wrong. Great flash movie man.

It seemed out of place.

Although it was good if it were about the NG BBS I would have given it a 5/5. It did show most of the forums big tips to newcomers. You did a good job and I gave it a 4/5.


Everyone who posts on any forum should watch this. It is informational for the n00bs and a big laugh for the experienced users.

Not Bad

Well us Newgroundiates already have a informer "Lick Your Boom Boom Down!" and his name is Jubie Clock and he already has down a flash like this.

Graphics: Nice work on the graphics I liked the old projector feel that was something I enjoyed. I would have liked if you had made a flash with a kid using the comp.

Sound: Nice work on the sound I liked the guys voice very funny.

OVerall: Very Informative 8