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Mega Man & Pompous Robots

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My second and most recent Flash cartoon. It is a giant step above "Attack of the Morning;" Music, voice acting, and sketchy style are incorporated. This took over a month to make.

This is based off the classic Mega Man franchise. Some jokes you may only get if you've played many of the games in the series. You're probably in good shape if you can recognize "Tango." Hope you enjoy!

By the way, there are easter eggs hidden around the end of the movie. Three to be exact.

(NOTE: The Malamite Ltd. picture may act like a button, but it won't do anything.)

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I've played all eight classic Mega Man games and I found this absolutely hilarious! Bass really is that arrogant, but Tengu Man also being arrogant adds onto the charm and hilarity. LOL!

I love this cartoon as do most people. It's mostly because of how it's made in such good spirits. Everything is just so fun. I do think it was a bit too long. The animation is amazing! You've managed to show their expressions so well.

It's loyal to the game while still being really goofy. The voices are fantastic. I didn't know Tengu Man was that much of a recurring villain. I know Base is. Then again, I haven't played the actual games.

Best Mega man parody hands down and nothing too crude or over the top!

Its also not common we get some parodies of & Bass and 8 too some of the lesser known robot masters. So yeah as a big Mega Man fan this is a perfect 5 in my book~

I really don't see how it doesn't have more views than it does, it's such a great animation. The voice acting is superb, and it's quite funny. I remember watching it when it first came out, keep up the good work, (if you're still doing stuff. :) )

After all these years of loving this, I can't believe I never got around to reviewing it. It's well-voiced and animated, unique and silly, and well worth 5 stars.