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Kermit Kombat Out takes

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These are the outtakes that never made it to the Kermit Kombat game. I don't consider it a real movie so don't bother giving it bad reviews. The loyal Kermit Kombat fans will probably get a laugh out of it. Warning: this will make absolutely no sense unless you have see the original Kermit Kombat.

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These outtakes are damn lit but there's one scene that has errors, Rocky's slammin to kermit on the table.

I cants believes I's never sauce this! I was laughing so hard the hole time and the laughing part on the Yo Mama scene is so true, Pinnicle, you Gotta do Kermit Kombat 4!!!! Put in the X-rays and stuff it'll be awesome

i better cheak this out *drops* ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

they should have put these at the end of kermit kombat 1

HAHAHA! I'm on crack! Lawl! I lawlwd so hard @ that end bit!