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Reviews for "Kermit Kombat Out takes"


Well most of them sucked but i admit you have some type of talent to somehow make Kermit appear even MORE gay then he allready was, plus, i'm glad to see that f**king electric ass rat die. Still, the Pokemon themed crap sucked.


I like the part where Kermit the Frog says, "I better check this creature out. Ah, shit!" I laughed hard on that part. The stupid part is that: How can a lolly pop and a teddy bear be an evil thing? That's rediculous! They are harmless items for goodness sake! I also like the part where Bob was fighting a Pikachu. I gave you a 10 for Violence because Bob tore off Pikachu's head. Oh my gosh! Anyway, fabulous job (I hope I don't get nightmares because of Pikachu beheaded by Bob).


AH i forgot my cup!!!!!!!!!


When Bob killed Pikachu...

lol liked it when bob killed pikachu

you should make the return of pikachu for bob to fight