24 minutes ep 3

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It's a anim flash series.
there will be 1 prologue and 24 episodes.


uhm y

y did u put dbz music in ure 24?


Well another funny one, gave me a few more laughs, but like the first and second ones it could use more effort in characters but for the mostpart it was great, anyways thanks for some good entertainment.


New Music

I watched Eps. 1, 2 and this one and i have come to the conclusion {for you} that:

"Using Metal Gear Sound Clips and Kill Bill music is not cool or entertaining when making a movie about 24. Maybe you should concider making a kill bill or metal gear movie."

nice try.

Grade: E for EFFORT

That music sucks.

24 does not have shity music like that.

one thing i don't get

how come it takes less than a second to get between the dude getting hit with a baseball bat to them getting him in their hideout and tying him up and picking up all their tortute equipment, i mean i know that sometimes some of the things in the proper 24 are a bit dodgy in terms of its time scale, but he got hit with the bat, then the clock appeared and then he was there, that must of taken more than a couple of minutes to tie him up, not that i'm an expert on tieing people up (bails out right now).....apart from that tis good, is keeping me watching

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Jul 18, 2004
1:01 PM EDT