Dragon Ball Z -Is That OK

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This started off as a big inside joke so I eventually made this. It's a parody of a scene from DBZ. If you like Tien you probably won't like this movie. Is that OK!?
(Thank you for all the reviews all ready! Even the people who don't like dbz and still liked it a bit. Man this got on the front page! Thank you very much!)


As a matter of a fact it isn't

So I guess this was the original "Over 9000"? Yeah, we all know about that. I do like how things escalate here. You have animation so authentic to the show. Yeah, it's cheaper, but it's a great tribute. You really don't know what will happen next.

I like how you almost started a meme. Well, it was a mashup in itself. I hear that quote about Vegeta destroying the whole planet in another cartoon. It was "Vegeta Vs. Sonic". It's just a popular piece of audio, I guess.

Another great video, Phelan.
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i rated a 5. is that ok? XD this was pretty awesome

chatzouie(cant spell his name):lets watch this cartoon.
vegeta:is that okay
tien:as a matter of fact it isn`t
vegeta:what have you lost your mind
tien:as a matter of fact i have not
vegeta:shut up!is that okay?
tien:as a matter of fact it isent
vegeta:(turns super sayain)final flash.is that okay
tien as a matter of fact it isent

lol so funny!

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4.15 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2004
3:31 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody