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Reviews for "Dragon Ball Z -Is That OK"

i rated a 5. is that ok? XD this was pretty awesome

chatzouie(cant spell his name):lets watch this cartoon.
vegeta:is that okay
tien:as a matter of fact it isn`t
vegeta:what have you lost your mind
tien:as a matter of fact i have not
vegeta:shut up!is that okay?
tien:as a matter of fact it isent
vegeta:(turns super sayain)final flash.is that okay
tien as a matter of fact it isent

lol so funny!

is that ok!!!! final flashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

LMFAO it's 2013 and i find this to be very very FUNNY Like OMG! i laughed and laughed so much it's amazing! Good Job! hope you don't mind me posting it to youtube part 1 and 2 providing likes to the videos!

Is that okay? As a matter of fact....FINAL FLAAAAAASHHHHHH