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Reviews for "Dragon Ball Z -Is That OK"


Is that OK?xD


it was good it was funny. yes i would watch it again

I smiled.

The animation looked alright. Not perfect. Although this is supposed to be a joke, not your magnum opus.

Pretty well executed, the joke punchlines before it gets obnoxious. And it punctuates with an obscure DBZ reference that I liked a bit.

Ooooh snap :D

Here you are :D Did see this one one your other page :D
I knew I had seen it before.. Kind of strange to find out that a flash from NG (from so many years also) was made by a guy that know is doing awesome stuff on another page :)


Was that good? As a matter of fact, it isn't! PLZZ Frieza"s scouter probally read Vegeta's Super Saiyan power level as WAY OVER 9000