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Playable Tank Demo, V10

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How would you like to drive something like this in a Flash game?

This is my first attempt at a player-controlled vehicle using all-original code. You can drive the tank in any direction and rotate the turret independently of the body. You can also speed up, slow down, and shoot.

When I made this, I had never before seen a Flash tank with an independently controlled body and turret, so I thought some Newgrounds visitors might like to see it. I have since, however, found these some others, although I have yet to find another one with an off-center turret and I still think mine has a unique look and feel. Here are the other ones I found for those interested in more tank gaming:

"Tank Mayhem Preview" by "theodop":

"BattleTanx" by "PhantomGames":

"BattleTanx 2" by "PhantomGames":

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Well this was notbad, theres not much to do here though as its more demo then anything else but the positives I will say are that the movement is very smooth and great control results, the bad is that you should make more levels more areas that you can travel and ofcourse some enemy targets to shoot at.

Needs more levels and some targets to practice on.



Nice work, Brian..!

I saw this ages ago, and thought I'd look it up again to see if you've updated it..

Something I noticed is that if you get to top speed, let go of 'up' and hit 'down' (reverse), the physics skips and you immediately start driving backwards ;)

If you look at the post in my profile (www.guil07.newgrounds.com) I have been developing a tank engine, and it is very similar to this! I think I emailed you awhile back but didn't get a reply =|

My next version is pretty much making the leap from an engine to a game.. You should really make a game, there's not many where the turret is separate to the tank =]

Keep up the good work!



If it was a game id say OMFG! But since its only like a demo, i think it should be made into a game. But for what it is. its not bad

me like

yea its very good indeed if it had enemys and bigger feild in full game that would be nice.

like 2 see that in a game.

i no its not a game demo but that was quite cool. it should b integrated into a game bcause it rocks. i love the controls etc.

estoy muy bueno.