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Anime comic series 2 full

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This will seem alot better then the previous movies, you might find the rain a bit annoying but the animation good. I've done what I had promissed before. But news has come to mind that i have made exactly the same mistake before on the first animation of mine. i imported an almost finished version with out spell check or the preloader. its a bit late to undo that now.

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not a fan of anime sry


you obviously like DBZ, don't deny your roots! I can see it in your art style haha. Great job, I'd love to see this with voice acting sometime. Good one. If you ever do another and need a voice actor, ;) I'm here.


When you said that the rain was annoying, you were right. Because of it I kind of got lost in your movie, and I was wondering why anyone had liked it and it had made Daily 3rd Place! But, after I watched it a few more times I really got into it if you know what I mean, the story seemed to come togethor well, and the animation seemed to flow better after the fourth time watching it (I think.) Anyways after all of that, I think that your movie was great, and definatly deserved 3rd place. To anoyone who feels the same as me, just watch it a few times, you get it! *wink wink*

Jeez, man...

U shuld of made tha final anime comic episode (episode #5) It would of tied everything together perfectly!

tyokio responds:

sorry about that, after the 4th episode i found a new way of doing things. scanning pictures etc. they where all made only on flash. during Work on episode two and a different movie at the same time, a 5th episode will appear.


less talking more action and the reading the subtitles in the rain with a horrible colored font doesnt help either