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Dragon_Lock Adventures

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Author Comments

Revision 3.0 4-12-04
-New RadioMachineLock
-Slight shading variations
-Some clean-up on backgrounds
-Preloader size ajustment

Revision 2.0 2-12-04
-All voices were changed to streams. Audio remains as an event which is why the file is so large. I still working on it.
-Dragon_lock has wings in all scenes now
-RadioMachineLock is in the opening scene.
-More movement from everybody.

Revision 1.2 2-2-04
-Preloader added
-Audio was lowered so that the voices could be better heard. More changes soon.

This isn't a great flash because of my last minute decision to participate in Lock Day. I'll clean it up later if it survives, but if not no biggy. Enjoy!

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Another Lock movie they sure do give the clocks a run for there money these stories are often better then the clock ones the screen size could be larger and ofcourse with alot of these kinds of movies some subtitles. But anyways nice little animation you have here.

Heres a couple of ideas, screen size could be larger and ofcourse with alot of these kinds of movies some subtitles.



they sound like chocolate man from Yomato's series o.o. But its alright but could be improved good all in all


Thanks for commenting bonehead. You don't own newgrounds, so get over yourself. Though I will just say this... if you haven't served in the armed forces, you don't have any business enjoying the first ammendment. You can do either one of two things, either practice your skills and suck up the reviews. Or stop submitting your garbage.

paulz-69 responds:

1) Don't know what i was commenting on since you didn't specify.

2) If your logic is any reflection on those that serve in the armed forced i'll count myself lucky never having served. Hoo-ra

3) I do practice my skills all the time, and never said i didn't.

4) By suck up the reviews do you mean not respond? Responding in the only way reviews with constructive critisim are able to possitively impact the flash artists technique.

5) To the last, i dont make flash movies anymore because i don't have free time.

Thanks for the review and watch your step dismounting the short bus soldier.

Very nice there, paulz....

I congratulate you, I actually enjoyed watching that... and I dont enjoy watching most of the stuff on newgrounds.

paulz-69 responds:

Thanks BBM, it still needs a lot of work and i intend on fixing it more. The last fix added wierd pauses and stetches i intend to clean up soon. Thanks for the review.

very good

better then me. But I thought I gave you the image of R.M.Lock with a clear image. What happened to it?

paulz-69 responds:

That's what happens when you scale a pic in flash, it gets pixelated. I'll try to trace the pic in flash that way i can used a scalable character.