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It's a short movie about the movie that made Newgrounds shake for several hours. A movie that, if watched, changed automatically your user name to Idiot## and password to "cookie". It's the whole IDIOT FIASCO !
Featuring guest star: Bobby_Jenkins.


is that true

was that really true i dint get on this place untill after that that really sucks

alexsmolik responds:

Yeah, it's a true story. Many people were "hacked". But everything got recovered soon enough, thanks to god.
Thanks for the review,


This one was really funny ! Good job ! I really liked the voice acting, and "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana is always a great song to use ! Graphics were nice and good use of BBS screenshots. I remember that day. The afternoon when everyone was panicking I was so happy to have went to a friend's place, otherwise I might a viewed that movie too !

Anyway, great job !

alexsmolik responds:

Thanks, it depicts a real event that happened and I almost lost my account! Glad you liked it, both sound and graphics and the rest too.
Thanks for the review.

haha, great documentary :P

I must have missed that whole event as well, because I don't remember that at all. Oh course, I was still a noob back then. You should make more movies based on infamous NG events. Or better yet, WE could do it together! That would be great fun. Right now I'm thinking of something involving the rogue whistler event.

alexsmolik responds:

Yeah, glad you liked it! It really was amazing that thing. Well, there aren't many many infamous NG events interesting enough to make flashes about, so you know. But when there are some, I am the first one to go !:)
Rogue whistler event ? What's that ? Man I'm like so not following NG news nowadays, just doing other stuff ... Oh well, yeah we could always collab for a flash if you want.
Thanks for the review.


I remember this shit. It's a pity people are so sad. BTW, how did you get your account back?

alexsmolik responds:

I got it back because I am one quick ass motherfucker. When that dude, JesusCyborg told how to get the accounts back, I quickly got into mine, and changed everything as quick as lightning. Hehe.
Thanks for the review.


That must of been terrifying nearly loosing all those points :(

Good job anyway! :)

alexsmolik responds:

Oh you weren't aware of it ? It's been a long time no see too! Hehe. Thanks for the compliment, and ...
Thanks for the review!

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3.84 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2004
6:24 PM EST
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