The Samurai Duel

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I've been lurking around New Grounds for a few years now and I have been tooling around with flash a bit, and I've decided this movie here is worth submital. I hope you enjoy it, critque is welcome, I have an open mind.

Its basically just duel, 'nuff said.


fullmetalalchemist51 u SUCK!

i thaught that this "samuari" flash was pretty good, i mean when u properly look at it not only it is damn informative showing that you have taken time in ur research but also the clip give me a slight feel of the batman cartoon hehe i liked the eyes and the way the mouths were white, anyway fullmetalalchemist hasent even got any flash'es so he sucks blatently when he gets macromedia he'll see what and how it can be hard to make a flash. hope to see more dude, leter



I loved the music, it fit very well in the whole theme. I also enjoyed the whole Samurai idea, very unique, this is not something you usually see here on NewGrounds. Very cool.

Good stuff

Totally Pwnz Kyle's Vid.
The movie class. "For all ages to enjoy". It wasn't your typical excessive bloody movie everyone is used to here at NG, yet pretty good in portraying the samurai's essence.

And I'm not saying that just because I was your roomate last year and that you will beat me up if don't review this....

P.S. Neal Sux0rz

that was so cool,

you that was so cool.

need some work

a pretty good try for a samurai movie. being accoustomed to kenjutsu myself, i'm glad u got all of the codes of the samurai right. but the duel itself need work and also some aspects of the duel were a little fudged, but overall a nice try.

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2.90 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2004
1:02 AM EST
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