16Bit Star Wars

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Author Comments

Here it is in it's entirety, 16bit Star Wars. I love constructive critism, please leave reviews. Please understand that I had to follow Newgrounds.com size policy or else the movie would have been longer. Thank you. My commentary is as follows. I have been comming to Newgrounds.com since 98. In that time I have seen a massive amount of star wars parodies. Almost endless are the jokes and spoofs. However, there are only a few people with the guts to take on Lucus' own work in a serious manner. This animation utilizes 16 bit sprites to tell a new story of star wars. This is an action packed movie, however, it is also packed with content. I did not want this to be just another luck verses vader fight sequence. I ripped all the sprites my self. All sounds were ripped by me as well from the original movies via DVD. This is my first time tackling sprites and I must say I thought it was going to be easy. I was wrong. There is very little tweening in this movie. Almost all of it is frame by frame action. One last thing. I am dedicating this movie to my boy Ayson over in Iraq. This one is for you buddy, Power Trippin for life. I hope that you enjoy this version of Star Wars told by me. Please vote fairly.

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Nice Job

The animations pretty smooth and the story's really well told.
There were a few visual glitches in the flying scene with Han, and some of the dialog could be improved.

Otherwise, great job.



It was amazing, definately going under my favorites. But, however, the ony thing that bothered me was all that bood whenever Luke had cut someone with his lightsaber.


this takes too long at the begining i dont like movies without a skip button

DeadByDawn responds:

Well I recommend some riddilin for you attention issues. Movies don't have skip buttons only dvds. Also it is a story based movie not solely dependant on the action. Peace

Good animation, but Im a Star Wars nerd so...

The story...I guess if you don't know about SW, its mildy enticing, but...the SW nerd in me hates it. The sprite animations were MASTERFUL, so good job. but...grr...thats NOT what happens..i mean, why would the Imperials be on a planet that Tarkin ORDERED them to leave? oh well, good job ;-)

Spoiled by Darkside ending.

I enjoyed this movie but the Darkside ending spoiled it so I lowered the score.

Without the darkside ending I would give it overall 9.

Credits & Info

3.73 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2003
3:01 PM EST
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