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Final Fantasy 8 Wassap!

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A tribute to Sean Bonner's Elian Masterpiece. I'll drink less caffeine after making this one.
Please show me mercy.

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wow, with this you just demonstrated what the culture of the 2000s was like!!!

Yup truly the peak of 00s culture

I never got into this fad. I mean, all you're doing is just putting the audio over these images with a little lip movement. This isn't any variety in it. It's just the same as everything else. With "All Your Base" at least it was a catchy song. It's pretty pointless.

I guess this should please fans of the meme. Was this the first ever meme to have variants on the same website? That might be a record! I like people working with something. It's just that the original thing wasn't that good IMHO.

Scary Movie + FInal Fantasy = epic combination. XD So simple, so fun...


Lol I remember watching this when I was like 6