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Newgrounds was forced to declare a state of emergency as a result of the rapidly spread Wazzup virus.

The entire Wazzup phenomenon was harmless at first - it began with a delightful Budweiser commercial played during the Superbowl. In this television advertisement, Philadelphia residents were seen yelling "Wazzup" at each other from across the room, over the phone, and even via intercom. It wasn't until the phenomenon mutated to viral parody form that it became so devistating. While Newgrounds was immune to the infectious "Superfriends Wazzup" video, a new strain of Flash Wazzup parodies entered through the Portal and spread across the entire site at an unprecedented rate.

The first of the Flash Wazzup parodies was the infamous "Elian Wazzup", by Sean Bonner and Chris Lathrop. Tom Fulp invited the virus into Newgrounds when he emailed Sean Bonner and exclaimed, "Dude, you gotta upload this to Newgrounds!" No one could ever have guessed what would happen next.