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Sonic t. Swordsman TEASER

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An epic drama begins, when evil returns...
Sonic's arch enemy MetalSonic returns from the depth of Eggman's junkyard and swears not only to kill all who stood in his way but also conquer whatever he can. His first goal is Sonic's Party, which celebrated the mystirious disappearance of Dr. Eggman.
But what brings Sonic to use a Sword?
What happens at this party?
And what is this ALL ABOUT?

Stay tuned for "Sonic the Swordsman" THE SERIES!! Coming soon...

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to shadowwalker15

good song and i only now that it is from linkin park sorry


What a cool music video! You did an awesome job of blending the animation with the song, that really stuck out to me from the beginning.
I just wish I knew more into this story you had going here. This flash was well made and quite interesting, but knowing more of the preceeding events that led up to this point would be interesting to know.
Overall a nice flash, though. I enjoyed watching!

the begenning to a great serise

ive seen up to episode 5 and its great! keep up the good work!


Amazing. Sonic rules and you show how awesome he is. just... amazing.

Ansewring-->(I WANT THAT MUSIC!)

Thats from Linkin Park, Am I Correct?