Reviews for "Sonic t. Swordsman TEASER"


The trailer definitely shows me that you have a lot up your sleeve and using a varity of characters is a plus. For a trailer, it is the bomb.

Sonic's answer to ROTMK!!

I've seen both the episodes and the teaser. This has to be Rise of The Mushroom Kingdom of Sonic movies, keep up with the good work!

Pretty Good

I know how hard to make sprite movie..
and this movie deserves 5 !
Trust me !

I love darker renditions of Sonic.

I'm looking forward to the sequel. It will be more fun than a room full of knives!


I saw this cause i saw your other ep movies and this is extremely interesting, as always i love your choice in music...and you made this look extremely interesting and i am extremely impressed, just part of me is curious on why you chose earthworm jim, and wolveriene ? but i guess its best not to question this genious creation in the making!!