Comet Magnum Episode 25

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The first of a two part series to end the second season of Comet Magnum. If you don't understand the story, go back and watch from episode 1, because you will need to see some old episodes to understand the main villains. By the way, if religion is a sensitive for you, don't watch. Leave a review.

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wow, the last normal episode before the big season finale i just cant wait this was another great effort dude!

Finally! The 2nd season finale waits!

I just have a weird feeling about who Joud really is....

Nearly finished

Log 25 11:19PM

I don't know if re-introducing the cult thing was a great idea, but I guess I'm cool with it. Excellent episode, perfectly setting up the carnage that will happen in 26. One thing though, CM seemed to get free real easy. Maybe you ought to have shown more on how he escaped, because it's like one second, he's tied up and nailed, the next, he's free and shooting.

It's finally come to the end. Episode 26 will be epic


I have been watching NG flash for a long while so i think my opinions carry some weight... Comet Magnum is most definitely the most amazing series there is on NG. it wouldnt let me put more than a 10 on the "overall score" part, sorry.

just a few constructive criticisms and compliments, to help you with your next cartoons:
1) your original style kicks major ass, keep it
2) your concept of a good plot has become better since your first episodes, i think you have an excellent ability there
3) sound: voices would be awesome, but i think that would give a different effect to your cartoons
4) i like how you repeated the music; it added an awesome style to the series. if you expand your repatoire to include more music themes, you should repeat those as well
5) the biggest problem i had with your flash was the spelling, and that was minor. just use a spell check
6) punctuation, too

as yet i don't have flash so i dont intend on doing any flashes myself anytime soon, but i have a character who's a hired assassin... no moral values or anything, and i was wondering if you had any tips.

anyway, your flash rocks my world, and i wish you the best of luck on your future stuff

I have a question.

dont you find it funny that there are people who dont like this series.. but are stupid enough to watch it fully aware of the fact they dont like it?i mean its 25 episodes into a series and yet they still watch even though they dislike it.its truely sad that they watch just so they can make fun..even funnier like that first guy who attacked you on a personal level calling you a fat ugly nerd..that just aint called for.to all you assholes who dont like his series(not saying all who dont like it are assholes.. just the nasty people).. STOP WATCHING YOU IDIOTS.i mean seriously.. its like paying for a movie you know you arent gonna like then complaining you want your money back.. its like going to a restaurant ordering food you hate then complaining to the cook. you clicked the fucking link so dont complain to him about your stupidity.you know what the series is about... youve seen his art before..so if you dont like it.. dont watch it and move the fuck on.im so fed up with all immaturity on NG.. its so infuriating.

mmark-oldflash responds:

For some people, hating someone's work isn't enough. They have to hunt down every other movie they've made and vote 0 everyday on it because they want to spend the rest of their life hating someone. Why do people waste their lives hating people?

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4.18 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2003
11:36 PM EST
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