dark time

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this piece is one of my favs other then i had to chop it down

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woah dude this is awesome man!

thank you

this peice is VERY good, but im sure you already knew that. I could replay this for houres and no one here could tell that it was looping. A great peice indeed

Telal responds:

Well thank you,i see for the year ive been stuck working and no newgrounds playin,that at least 2 of my pieces are well liked so now i know where to go with my music,thank you again for listening and giving my music a chance

Good stuff

This one and eternity are the best. Again, I hope that I might find a use for this song! Political satire doesn't lend itself to such cool music, but you never know!

Telal responds:

Well with my time away stuck in a box workin 90 hours a week(no joke) i am now free to come back and introduce the rest of my music to newgrounds...in about a week,i will be sticking with my trance music,i may switch after i have this album complete,and i do hope its something you can use,politics and music hmmm,maybe

Awesome Trance.

The flow in this piece kicks ass. I had it playing on my player for about 15 mins before I realized it was looping, which is to say it was such a good trance piece, I was totally emmersed in it (I think that's how you spell it) and it loops so well, it could be used more tha adequately for a flash movie. Very cool piece, I really like this one.

Telal responds:

Well thank you I'm glad you appreciate my work the sad thing about this piece is that it comes from a 10 minute track i did back in 2000. I hope to do a set of splices here soon so people can hear the whole song.