Scallies V Goths Ep.2

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If you've seen the first one, then you'll understand this much more easily than if you hadn't... It's like watching a Sequel before you watch the Prequel to the Sequel... It's just not happening...



my god, this seems eerily prophetic now!


"I have to get those fucking potatoes!" Lol, ace :P. Graphics have improved since the first one, which is good because the first one had disgustingly crap graphics :). Oh and message to the guy who posted before me - Who the fuck says "im a greebo"? Shut the fuck up man. You clearly are a retard. Everyone calls me a mosher, which is what you would call a greebo, but i dont go round sayin "im a greebo.. woo im labelled so now im in with the crouds." End of rant. By the way, i'm not too sure if chavs would be able to afford bombs and tanks and shit.. so errm.. You know.. Ahh well its a laugh isnt it :P It does its job, gives you a chuckle. Well done :) Just try to improve graphics, and maybe add voices.

that was pretty funny actualy

im a greebo and prefer goths to FUCKING scallies but still this is a great movie
i loved the 1st part that was soooo funny


Look mate you can air your views but why do you depict us freaks who wear only black it is insulting as very few people do go out dressed as you show them to be

Flecky responds:

Oh NO! Have I not drawn all your friends? I thought you were 'individuals,' but clearly you accept that you aren't. Oh no, oh no, go and cry about it for a while, why don't you. Or fucking cut your wrists like the rest of them.

good ^^

Geez, i wouldn't think you're a goth hater like the last dude did. By this movie i would think you hate scallies, they took the worst of it. :P

The idea is good, and nice sound fx, you make every sound and song match to the scene. I just think you could put some more work on the art, and the movement of the characters seems too slow. You could use less frames when motion tweening, i dunno, just how i felt.

But i'll be following this series, you seem to have a future and to be very mature.

Flecky responds:

Cheers bud, yeah I'm working on movement. I realise that humans move much quicker than I'm making them in these submissions. My new stuff is much better. Thanks for the review!

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Oct 19, 2003
2:46 PM EDT
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