*Gone in 59 Seconds*

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This was a P.S.A. me and my friends did for a video competition. We did not place, but many, many people thoroughly liked our video. The judges probably hated it, because of the surprise content that is actually thrown into the movie. And just so you know, this WAS done with Hi-8 cameras so it IS a video file. I thought ya'll might want to take a look :) PS - Keep in mind, I was in high school and this is me and my friend's car at the time (2000 AD) and remember, it was shot in Hi-8.


Strange...But interesting

It was OK. Nothing really spectacular about it. One thing I found a flaw in was that it was supposed to give a message of pedestrian safety, and the guy that was hit by the car was laughing and smiling when he was on the vehicle. Isn't that a little contradicting?


What was that name of that song?

he he he

Nice choice of music for the intro.... Dream Theater fan huh ;)

Ryanitto responds:



Thanks for the laugh! :)


well,that was great!hehe,funny as hell.Did you do all of those stunts?Great!And i guess the movie was 59 seconds,am i right?


Damn I wrote alot and the server was under alot of load fuck any ways I was hit 2 times first time the car was from the city water works and the second was a city bus my middle fingers still lock from the first hit. See you later this 13 year old is in a hurry. And it reminds me of my hits

Ryanitto responds:

Hmm, hopefully this'll help you forget about that incident and concentrate on how ridiculous it can be to get hit by a speeding car.

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Oct 13, 2003
11:59 AM EDT
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