Insomnia - Starring Eddie

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This is my first real attempt at a flash movie. I made a movie about insomnia because lately I have been experiencing a pretty bad case of insomnia. If you have time, please write a review with constructive criticism so I can better my technique. Watch and enjoy. To view the alternate ending wait until you get to the credits, click the upper right hand corner of the credits screeen. Check out the sequel: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=103750


Not bad atall

For a first flash movie this is very good, well thought out, quite heartfelt, i thought the music went very well with the character, nice job! Keep making them.


Insomnia is a terrible thing, sometimes I even have it. Once I am up, regardless of what time it is, I am up. So, I initally I feel for the character. A funny twist of an ending, I liked it. The characters do need some work on their designs, but for the most part, this movie is fine. Keep up the good work.


So this is how it starts

I saw the second one first, but oh well, it's still good to see how he became the way he did. Reminds me of fight club where Edward Norton was an insomniac.


Being an actual insomniac I think I had a little more respect for this film then most, at the same time I think I could shoot it down easier then most as well. One, if your actually trying to get to sleep in vain like this guy, the night is a whole lot longer then this, but it's just flash so I understood why it was short. The graphics were simple, but I liked your style, and the gray colors fit the mood. For all you new or wannabe insomniacs out there...sleeping pills help alot, and if you forget to take them, don't even try to go to sleep, cause if you're really suffering from insomnia you won't get to sleep. Nice work on this thing.

cool job

well, the plot line is basic, a little bit too classic maybe... but for a first movie its ok!!!
The graphics were classic too, nothing new but it works.I especially liked the atmosphere & the music, i'm sure u can do great things... just design a little bit more the character appearance!!!

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3.79 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2003
9:00 PM EDT
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