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Terror at Happy Valley

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Author Comments

Well, this is my introduction to the world of Flash. I really, really put alot of time and effort in this movie, and I hope it shows. I did this as my final to Advanced Computer Animation, that's why some parts are kinda lame (such as when the guy becomes super, I couldn't make it really elaborate because it was against the school project rules to have a killer looking mutant, but I could include guns, go figure...

I tried to add little details here and there to make it better (The speedometer needle moves, the gas tank was on one side of the car and not both, the wheels spin, the eyes move on a motion tween, etc.)

So vote high, and show support for the new kid.

P.S. Did you find the hidden button.......?

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'Twas alright

that was pretty good. no that's a like, it was bad, but YOU have potential. the thing which really brought this down for me atleast was the sound and the plot.

the sound was just too choppy... it was too easy to hear when you had the sound come on and off and there was alot of background noise behind the voices. and between these there were spots of absolutely no sound... and it was just bleh.

the plot was just overdone. the whole nuclear accident -> super powers thing is just too cliche...

overall though, it was alright. with some more practice, mayb better equipment, and better plots you could turn out some alright stuff

Please represent the name Alex properly

Well, what can I say? I'm all about comedy and this film was definitely funny. Was it purposely supposed to be funny? At this point, it doesn't matter. So let's break down the comedy: This guy is doing 40-70 miles per hour on his way to work. Is he late or not? He's supposed to be "inspecting" but i guess it's hard to inspect random barrels of waste randomly falling over. (God forbid, he's move out the way or possible react.) So he goes home, doesn't complain or file a lawsuit. Comes back in, pulls into the parking lot like a bat outta hell, then the hamburgler pulls in at Mach 3 right behind him and blasts some guy in the face (which was hilarious) who was just trying to enjoy his stoge. (I guess while he robs Nuclear power plants, he murders the addictive.) By the way, I liked the red car's ALT tail lights. So anyways, he comes inside and sees his boy from work, "Franky Balls", and they exchange a few words, one of the sentences being, "Yeah, I'm pretty good" in which our character mutates into Captain Planet's retarded brother, "Cpt. Shitbox." Wow, he musta been feeling "great." Then hamburgler comes in blazing, with no motive or intent, so Cpt. Shmucklegs pushes his friend down (which i consider assault) dodges another bullet, jump kicks the shooter into eternity, and flexes his little green arms to the crowd. So what happens next? Where's part 2? Please make another. It was really funny, whether it was on purpose or not. I liked the bonus scene too in which the car is going 200 mph nowhere. Good film. Please understand that my review was not meant to diss you.

timtheultimategamer responds:

Absolutely hilarious. I love reading these long reviews making fun of my movie. Seriously, I do.

This was the first movie I ever made. Ever.

So, all i have to say is: "I already gave my best. I have no regrets at all." -- William Hung



(He's sad for you.)

Alex, I love ya, but this was sad.

poopie mc coca

theres worse

any of you who think this is the absolute worst wideo in the world should see the...fish...job. thats a peice of jewish horse shit.

timtheultimategamer responds:

..and at least it's not another stick fighting/stick gun battle movie...

Credits & Info

1.59 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2003
10:50 PM EDT