Children's Day

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Great animation as always. I still wonder what the title means. What does this have to do with children? I remember how moms always say, "Every day is Chldren's Day!". It is in fact an official holiday in Japan. This is however, Russian.

I like the setup. It's hard to tell what it means. It's probably just meant to be something beautiful looking with how surreal it is. I can love that. First review in four years!

i remember this flash, this was one of the very first flashes i've watched here on NG, and i must say at the time i had no idea what was going on, and to this day i still don't, But the superb animation, Bizzare Music. And title, i must say it's worth a 5.

That was badass!

I agree with what the person below said, however it's kindof like bioshock, (big daddy)

also, it seems like he's seen too much now, after all, his eyes were kind of bleeding before the initial shock

I don't get it that...

... so many users here don't see any possible backgrund in this video!

My interpretation is (and of course it could be wrong, but still I have one :p):

the child in the video is a 'ordinary' child, in other words it could be ANY child!
I think it's wearing a mask, so that it could be a boy or a girl and no specific kid.

The 'bird', as some of you call that person is imo obviously a child molester.
He wears a mask, just like the doctors wore during the plague, because they were afraid of capturing bacteria during the treatment of the sick people.
Imo this is a metaphor for being scared.
What I mean is that the molester is scared too, maybe of beeing seen (which is reinforced by him looking around after he took notice of the lonesome kid).
When he sees that he is alone with the kid, he knocks it down and takes it home.
The trees you can see, just before the molester and the child enter the house seem to show us that the kid is all alone with the molester (metaphor to be 'alone in the woods').
Then, when the 'bird' pulls up his cout and the 'snake' comes out, it's clearly another metaphor for a male genital (also sometimes called a 'snake')!
When the 'snake' bites the child, it means that the man hurts the kid (with his penis), so this is the act of the molestation.
Then the child can fortunately escape from the rapist, but he follows it.
Suddenly a man appears, wearing an old diving suit (at least it looks like one to me).
He pushes the child behind him protectively and then kills the rapist by jumping onto him.
I think the diving suit (with the full helmet) shows us that many people know about molestation (or at least have a suspicion), but because of this topic is kind of taboo, they stay 'under water', which means quiet.
Only one man (or woman) is tough enough, stands up and helps the child by killing the rapist (which is a little bit extreme, if you ask me, but well... :p).

The end gives you several ways to interpret it.
One way is that the child was psychological damaged and takes a piece of the rapist in itself (the eye), which means maybe the child will also molest other children, when it is grown up.
That the child turns kind of evil after the molestation is reinforced by its own look at the end (imo it looks very evil at the end of the video).

Another way to interpret the end would be that the child is able to 'glue' its life together again and takes back what the rapist took from it (the eye).

Well, as I mentioned before, there are several possible interpretations of the end and I really like that in a video or a movie!

Last but not least, I have to emphasize that all of the thoughts written above are MY OWN interpretation and there is no guarantee that any of this is what the author of this video meant with it!

This video is just like a lyric of the famous german band RAMMSTEIN.
There are many, many ways to interpret it, and sometimes none of the ways is really wrong! :)

My opinion of the video itself: I really liked it in its own creepy, surreal way.
I for myself think that it is very important to see the fact that there is child molestation in our world and that it's no solution to look away!
We need to help our children, because WE can!
Of course nobody should kill a rapist right away, but you have to institute legal proceedings against him!

So my last words to this video will be: DON'T GIVE CHILD MOLESTATION A CHANCE!

PS: I come from Austria, so English is not my mother tongue!
Although this might sound a little arrogant, I think that I speak it quite well, but if you find any grammatical and/or literal faults, I am sorry! :)


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4.39 / 5.00

May 29, 2003
7:42 AM EDT