Reviews for "Children's Day"


like music


it is a good piece of work and i hope you keep making more. im learning how to make flash animations myself and i hope that many others watch your stuff and want to make flash movies and games too.


I've really enjoyed this movie over the years and it's still a favorite. The animation is simple but the imagery and symbolism are outstanding. The music was a wonderful choice and added to the mood. The story is a simple one but there is a lot of meaning behind it and when people watch this movie, they shouldn't take it at face value but look to the deeper meanings.

Outstanding work as always. :)


every movement is silky and flows smooth.
as it is in all your stuff. i dont know how you do it!
great work again, realy enjoy watching these.
10/10 5/5


can i ask what was the point to it all? other then it having no point to it I thought it was good I like the art and the music was ok to.
keep up the good work.