Newgrounds Background Image Theme



Title commish

Alright, lets keep it simple :

  • This is an overall price range.
  • If you need a background, depending on the details it's charged more or less like a character.
  • I don't charge it if it's pastel, gradient color or a mere shadow.

Commission price grid sample

  • Shoulder length : from 10€ to 40€
  • Bust : from 20€ to 60€
  • Full body : from 30€ to 80€

Why is the price range so large? Because it depends on the level of details, the technique you want (from cheaper to most expensive : sketch, lineart, cell-shadding, full-color, painting).

If in doubt, don't hesitate to ask, I don't bite (too hard).

Conditions title

  • Drawing starts AFTER payment.
  • You will have to validate the sketch, and I may send you WIPS. A validated sketch means you’re OK for inking, color, ror whatever you’ve chosen.
  • Minor corrections are okay on completion if something is really off. However, there won’t be infinite corrections either, I’m making a maximum of 3 finalisations if something really disturbs you. 

Exemples title

For now you can mainly see cell-shading and painting in my Newgrounds gallery, and a sample of my overall graphic style!