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OiPriPri OiPriPri musician / voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey wasup sheeple ummm I can do stuff with sounds I guess and I make disturbing sounds with my voice... I guess some people like it? (thanks pornhub community I don't know, I have a voice demo that is a little old here
I make music and I can make sound effects for projects. been doing this stuff since 2012? Or something like that.
and plenty more of varying quality ( a lot of it is very experimental and can possibly make your ears bleed )

I've done a few collaboration projects already you can check it out on my profile as I'm sure if you might be interested? you probably are looking at my profile already or have. I dunno maybe?

I'm pretty much up for any projects, it could be super cringy and I would be ok with it. Just hit me up with some details and we'll go from their.

Umm Yes.

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juicemane808 juicemane808 artist / programmer / musician / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, writers

Retro DarkRP gaming server on Garry's Mod

We need staff many staff openings! Openings like lua Dev, and many more options like mapping.

I'm willing to teach people how to use some programs. But what you do with it is up to you.
Add me on steam


Server IP:

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EloTheSource EloTheSource musician / voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi I am a Multi Contemporary Alternative Avant-grade / Experimental / Heavy Metal / Hardcore / Grunge ▪ Composer▪ Musician▪ Songwriter ▪ Vocalist I am looking to work with content creators with my music & my vocals style is much like my composing Alternative Grunge Aesthetic. To sample my work there are a few on my page and more on the links below.

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etK etK musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey, I'm a music producer, and I can do a lot of different things, but what I like most is working for other projects such as games, movies, or vocal artists/rappers who need production, etc. I've already worked for a few games here on Newgrounds, and I'm very versatile. If you'd like to check out what I do, I suggest you listen to my album on Bandcamp :
And on my Audio page I have, to my knowledge, more tracks than anyone on Newgrounds ^^ (800 submissions as of now) so you can check out random stuff on there if you like.
In any case, looking forward to work with more people here. See you soon!

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SureDroid SureDroid artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello! I am a programmer who loves creating apps, games, and websites for everyone to see and use. The problem is that it is too hard for me to do this alone, and that’s why I need your help! SureDroid is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating amazing content for the community. We are trying to find people who love their hobby as much as we love creating games, and anyone can help. We currently have two major game-dev projects, one of which is a 2d pixel fantasy with the theme of floating islands, and another a 3d horror game. These projects can be a great way to improve the quality of your work, get realistic experience in a team-based environment, and work on a game if you never had the chance or knowledge to do so before. There are other teams as well you can be part of, including our Blogging and App-dev team. If you have any questions or comments, pop by on the discord server and send me a message. Even if you are not interested in joining a team, feel free to join the discord server and chat with others.
Go to or join the server directly at See you there!

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