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Knightin'+ Art Contest Winners!

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We recently hosted a Knightin’+ Art Contest, to celebrate the release of Knightin’+ on Steam. The deadline was Sunday and @Wolod has now selected his ten favorites! Each will receive a Knightin’+ Steam Key.

Congrats to the winners and thank you everyone who participated! If you’re feeling inspired to draw something, our SpriteDraw contest is still in progress and it’s a really fun theme with some cash prizes.

Other News

Captainmcross is looking for both animators and talent scouts to help with his wildly successful Pencilmation series, have a look!

Shout out to Super Cat Tales 2 for iOS and Android. This game has been out for a little while but it’s by @Neutronized and my son has been playing the heck out of it lately. It’s really well put together!

The new A Couple of Crickets podcast has @ninjamuffin99 as a guest and covers lots of NG stuff:

Art Portal Objective

We’re on a mission and need your help! If Newgrounds hits 2,750 active supporters in 2019, we’ll remove the ads from all rated E-M Art view pages for the remainder of the year, with the intent of not bringing them back in 2020 if we maintain good support numbers.

We need 266 supporters to hit this goal - we could do it TODAY if a ton of people jump in. Every day is a tug of war because one month and one year purchases expire. We’ll also likely see a dip in November and December because we had a lot of purchases late last year that will expire. If you’ve been considering becoming a Supporter, the sooner the better! Once we hit this goal, we’ll set another goal to remove ads elsewhere.

Our Supporter upgrade costs $3 per month or $25 for the year and you get a bunch of perks, including ad-free browsing sitewide. Recurring subscriptions are much appreciated!

Site Features

This week we’ll be moving our tools system out of the test phase and making it available to all users. At the moment we’ve been testing it with Supporters. If you have access, visit one of your movie, game or audio entries and you’ll see an “Edit Equipment” prompt under the tags. Clicking this will open a window where you enter the software and hardware you used. Our system will make suggestions based on what is on file and we’re building out a database based on your entries.

You’ll also see an option to save your list as a template, so you can apply the template to other entries rather than manually enter everything each time.

Right now you can only edit these values after publishing your work. When the new project system launches you’ll be able to do it during the project set-up phase. After launch we will also port the Art Portal into the project system, so that it also lets you specify tools and add co-authors. The Art Portal has always been a standalone publishing system and we’re excited to get everything consolidated under the new project system.

Next up this week will be the Best of July! I’ll close this post out with @Onosse’s entry (I include pics a lot because they double as cards on social media links, if you ever wonder).


Working on Nightmare Cops!

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Response to Knightin'+ Art Contest Winners! 2019-08-05 15:03:44

It should be mentioned taking away ads isn't a dangling incentive, reaching that number of supporters will financially ALLOW the site to lose those ads and their income.

Response to Knightin'+ Art Contest Winners! 2019-08-05 15:04:19

inb4 Luis


A little shout-out to all participants. Guys, you're awesome! Thanks for drawing all that cool stuff. You can upload your entries to the game's community hub on Steam too so even more people will be able to see it. And, of course, congrats to the winners!

Response to Knightin'+ Art Contest Winners! 2019-08-05 23:05:21

Congratz to the winners.

Been around since 2004. (as a lurker that is!)

Response to Knightin'+ Art Contest Winners! 2019-08-06 00:29:37

At 8/5/19 01:35 PM, TomFulp wrote: The new A Couple of Crickets podcast has @ninjamuffin99 as a guest and covers lots of NG stuff:


Thank u very much tomfulp the ninjamuffin99 game corner will make a return every time there isnt a guest and i happen to be listening to their live discord call i will be a recurring character this season showin off all the hottest games on NG

sicko mode

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Response to Knightin'+ Art Contest Winners! 2019-08-07 12:20:51

At 8/7/19 11:52 AM, EvilAntonioUTTP wrote: TomFulp Are You Gonna Update The Project System?

It's been in progress for a while now, it's a big project!

Working on Nightmare Cops!

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Response to Knightin'+ Art Contest Winners! 2019-08-08 03:20:04

Congrats to all the winners! I love how all of these are so different in the art styles yet still represent Knightin'+ very well despite that. Great work to everyone involved!

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Response to Knightin'+ Art Contest Winners! 2019-09-27 09:23:33

Solid work all! Congrats!

At 8/5/19 03:04 PM, Kolumbo wrote: inb4 Luis

And hey, it's been a while! :D Missing those first posts lately...

The latest: Hexa #96 (Apr)

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