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The January competition is finishing up and getting judged, but there's never rest for a writer. Here's your February prompt!

  • THEME:

To celebrate Valentines day I want everyone to write about the dreaded topic of love. There's a catch, the writing itself must contain at least one piece of poetry. The entirety of the piece does NOT have to be poetry, but must at least contain one original (written by you) piece of poetry. How ever you fit this poetry into your writing is up to you. The whole piece of writing must contain the theme of love, whatever that may look like or however that may be interrupted by you.

The story as a whole will be judged, but the quality of the poem will also be very important. I know not everyone writes poetry, but challenge yourself. Try something new!


  1. Word Count Minimum: 800 words
  2. Word Count Maximum: 4000 words
  3. Story must have a strong presence of the monthly theme
  4. Story must contain one original piece of poetry
  5. Story must be submitted by the deadline below

  • Deadline:

March 2nd 2019: Midnight EST (ie midnight between March. 2nd and March 3rd)

  • Prizes:

(Prizes could increase with value in future competitions. Interest levels would have to increase for this to happen.)

1st Place: Supporter Status

2nd Place: Honorable Mention

3rd Place: Honorable Mention


  1. Post your stories in this thread.
  2. Do not post revisions in this thread. They will be deleted.
  3. You may submit one story only, one time.
  4. Only submit stories that you've written for this competition. I don't want stories that you've written in the past. The point is to write something new and to challenge yourself. If your story shows up as plagarized (aka, found anywhere else on the internet, even if written by you) it will be disqualified.

  • Judges:

  1. Fro
  2. (Hidden from your view, muahahaha)

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Response to MWC19 - February- Love 2019-01-30 18:57:09 (edited 2019-01-30 19:00:26)

Another Day


“Love flusters me now

A place I will never go

Sunsets before me.”

I think about this haiku, a Japanese poem that was given to me by a lost love. It’s power over me, I’m still not sure. I wonder what it means for one to never experience the feeling of joy, of worth, of the simplest pleasure. It was then that I was brought back to reality by sneering grunt.

“Bah, you don’t need that.”

Him again, the figure across the counter who would bask in my suffering. With his button-up shirt and dress tie covering a gut of many cheeseburgers, he appeared to be looking at me from a sideways angle.

“Joe, don’t you have anything better to do?”

He chortled as he continued to wipe on of the glass that was freshly washed.

"Yer tried so hard to make something for that simple poem that you always carry and read every single damn time. Throw it away.”

Joe was the type of a pessimistic scumbag you expect every person void of love to be. Waiting every moment to strike at the brokenhearted was his forte and he never missed an opportunity… including mines. He was good at serving drinks though.

“No. I won’t.”

“I tell ya every time, Marty,” he sighed, “People rush for the Valentine’s Day extravaganza that we see every year. Don’t yer see the people who are with their ‘special one’?” Joe said, bringing up his hand in quotation marks. “Pretty soon, everyone who goes through the Valentines’ Day stuff will be sitting there in your seat saying the same damn thing over and over again. Love never changes. Love pays for drinks, however,” Joe smiled pulling up a twenty-dollar bill over his head, seeming to inspect it for imperfections.

As much as I hated to admit it, but Joe was right. I saw many friends meet up on some happen-chance moment, exchange vows, and end up having to split the house and kids sometime. Sometimes, I had to wonder where all of it was worth it at the end. In one painful case, I ended up at the funeral of a close friend who ended up being on the wrong side of encounter with their significant other, who found him with an unacquainted guest.

“As much as I laugh at ya, Marty, I do respect yer perseverance. Wasn’t there that one girl you were after for so many years?” Joe said with a grin sliding across his face.

I sighed. He would bring her up again, the one person that meant everything to me.

“If all you’re going to do is make a mockery of my bad events?”

“I know it all too well,” Joe chuckled, “distances away, yer hope the best will come yer relationship with her. Yer spend many of days thinking about her, planning what could go on between the two of yer lovebirds. Then you actually get to see here, and it’s the most amazing moment you’ve ever been a part of…

Then it’s gone. Just like that. Bye bye. She’s gone, and yer left in the dust, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,” Joe laughed.

He was right. It wasn’t even very long that I saw her for… or didn’t seem like that anyway. Joe slid a glass towards me.

“Here, on the house, that’ll keep ya away from yer sorrows.”

Quickly downing the contents, I nodded in appreciation. Leaving my tip behind me, I left to the exit.

“Marty, before you go, I just want to say something to ya.”

I stopped.

“I respect ya kid. I understand that yer going through a tough time right now, and I have been in the same place as yer. It makes it easier for me to laugh it off because yer going though a dark place right now. But just know this Marty, that yer will find that light… yer will see that there’s much better then a simple relationship will bring, and maybe yer will find the right person that makes this whole journey worth this…

Until then, you come back, ya hear? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…” Joe laughed as his voice began to fade.

I often wondered what point there was in thinking about Valentine’s Day more than any single person would. Even though Joe laugh at my misfortunes, he nearly had a near-death experience by finding himself face-to-face with a harsh reality of sort… the type that really never leaves your mind. Wedding day, man comes in and just like that, Joe find his love in the arms of another man. He planned so long and was a much different person that he was today. At one point, a noose was the only exit from the pain. Somehow, he found a different way.

That’s why I don’t take it too personally. I know that out there, there is someone who has to survive from that dark place and find the humor and light from it. If bartending is what brings him joy, why should I take that or any of his quips away from him? As much as I lost, I never had to go through the trials of marriage, of working so hard for love to collapse at one moment of misjudgment. Maybe that’s why valentines day is not that important to me.

It is just a day.

The poem I threw away.

It forever burns.

Response to MWC19 - February- Love 2019-02-04 09:57:50 (edited 2019-02-04 10:03:09)

Love Unexpected

By Seth Kinstle

I've looked for someone to be more than a companion. I've tried everything to genuinely find my soul mate. The women of my dreams with an authentic connection. That unique special person that could care for me as I do for her. I hoped and dream for someone in the long winters laying in my bed. Wishing that my pure heart wouldn't go to waste and rot away in loneliness. 

The concept of being with somebody is sort of overrated in a lot of ways. I mean the part that really gets to me are the reasons why people think they need someone. That's where my desire for love seems to grow hopeless. Yet it just kind of walks off on a path of it's own course. That's where I started to feel numb in all of this. Just waiting, wishing, and watching other couples being together. 

This gets to a point where I feel so alone in the world. Still at the same time I must maintain my own independence. It's not like not having anyone there for me is anything new. For that matter I feel I'm better off being alone. I just let all these hopes and desires fade away without a negative after feeling. I think accepting love as is on these terms is more casual than I care to recognize. I was just a good person with a good heart without a person to value it. 

So anyways it's always a new day and I can't say that I will actually ever find that special someone. At the beach I just go there and absorb all the sunlight I can. I see all the beautiful women and I do have frequent hook ups. Yet I don't think that the ideal person will ever come to be. It seems love is a thing of the past as I roam this earth an independent bachelor. 

I was pursuing a new career and going to college when I actually had my destiny altered. It seems love has a way of sneaking in at the least expected time. When I completely gave up and was okay with it not being real for me that's when it infiltrated my life. I met a girl that I seemed to of liked and thought of as different than the others. To anyone else she might of been just a normal person. Yet the more we got to know each other the more I fell into a coma of bliss. I was naturally seduced and the whole experience seemed particularly rare. 

All the thoughts I had before that proved to be false seemed to diminish. Nothing mattered and she felt the same about me as the years went on. It was as if my dream had come to life in this almost resurrection of myself. A different person emerged from this relationship and as time went on I came to believe in love. 

Before love seemed to be so out of reach or just merely a fairytale in a children's storybook. Yet now at a certain point in my life after having been with my lover for over a decade I found that to be false. Love seemed to be all that mattered and this love for her opened up an entirely different realization of love. Having my own children helped me find an appreciation and compassion for other human beings. My perspective seemed to dramatically shift in how I saw the world. I didn't have to succumb to such dreary hopeless loneliness as I did before.

What I thought life was in its entirety changed and I started to care more for people. I wanted to help others and show them the love that I found. Yet sometimes it seems that love has a mind of its own. Choosing to only reveal itself to certain people. Possibly it was simply by chance that I grew to understand life in such a compassionate way. Either way through the love I discovered I was able to live a life I think few ever see. A life of true love.

Love can be such a surprise and sometimes people we care for get taken for granted. Sometimes it can be hard to see how much the people in our lives matter. For me though I was able to discover and reach an understanding of unconditional love.

 I wrote this poem after twenty five years of being happily married. 

Love comes at the least expected moments

Whenever you gave up or gave your fullest 

Even when it seems other hearts are empty 

I found out it finds you to shift your destiny 

The compassion has power to fix the broken

Lovers and dreamers set into motion 

Somehow it finds you in the darkness 

Shows you the path to your true purpose 

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upside down spiderman kiss style by ninja kitty

The Spiderman kiss was an iconic moment in the popular film franchise.

Even if you haven't seen the movies or read the comic books, you should be well aware of the famous Spiderman kiss. It's when Peter Parker hung upside down and kissed MJ. It's one of the most romantic, passionate kisses on tape, which is why it's so tempting to try for yourself. The next time you're laying on your bed, or your couch, hang your head off of the end so that your partner can give you a peck.

To celebrate the 11th anniversary of the release of "Spider-Man" (on May 3), we are taking a look back the iconic smooch between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson (played by Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst). The moment happens right after Spider-Man rescues Mary Jane (yet again) and she wants to show him her thanks. Though we doubt that logistically this kiss would go down so flawlessly in real life (they're fighting the force of gravity, people), we can't help but swoon at one of the most romantic moments the big-screen has ever seen.

like parodies in movies,tv,video games,and comic books,spiderman too many girls who had kisses,and then i was fantasizing about spiderman kiss sex in my head.

spiderman upside kiss

i am 1# newgrounds first celebrity,call me ninja kitty,i am a guardian christian of canada

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Response to MWC19 - February- Love 2019-02-11 16:54:53

Tittle: the loved ones that left scars.


I decided to go back to the old house I once lived in for all my teenage years. Where I left my books, my old pictures and even my older note books with math, English and other things. My mom invited me back because she missed me, why I don’t know but she wanted me to be there so I respected that and went to her in the same week. She was so happy to see me when I was the one she opened the door for and she hugged me like she had never seen me before. I don’t know what it was but there was a strange vibe going around the house.


The first thing I noticed was how empty the house was. My dad always sat in the chair in front of the tv and when I came into the room he would look at me, stand up and just stand with his arm wide almost screaming ‘’there is my little muffin’’ of course I never liked that when I was a kid because I was the tough one and had to be myself and that didn’t fit in my picture but now I miss that. My dad hasn’t been in this house for years because he is not with us anymore.


My mom sat me down at the table and like any other grandparent and parents they start to ask about how you have been, how everything is going, if something changed and of course everything else that they ask after it. You know how it goes but there was something going on.


My mom never did things without a reason and especially not when it wasn’t needed but this time something was wrong. Something was seriously wrong and I couldn’t figure out what it was.


Of course in that thought my mom grabbed my hand and looked me dead serious in the eye. ‘’Hey muffin’’ she said still looking with me but this time with sad eyes ‘’I need to give you something’’ I of course am very concerned because I have no idea what is about to happen.


She sais I have to close my eyes. Why? I don’t know but I do as she says and I hear her get up. She goes through some drawers and cabinets and then lays something into my lap. I grab it still with my eyes closed in case my mom doesn’t want me to see the present. I hear her giggle for a bit and she says: you can open your eyes no worries you don’t have to guess just by touching it.


I open my eyes and I see gift in my lap shaped in something that looks like a journal or a book. I open the present and it is indeed a book. The weird thing is that it is not a book that has been in the stores but rather one where someone has specially made it for this occasion. I open it and in the beginning pages it says my moms and dads name. Sonja and David.


I never called them by those names because it doesn’t feel right but I look confused at my mom. She just gives me a soft smile and gives me a little wave to continue in the pages so I do as she says.


I turn around another page and there is a letter in between the pages and again my mom has given me another scare of what this could mean.  I open the letter and just like the book this is been written by hand as well and of course I start to read.


‘’Dear Muffin,

You probably still remember me your dad. Today we got you and your still so small and tiny. Your mom is so happy to have you and you have the cutest feet I can imagen. I can’t wait until you’re a bit older and I can run around the grass field with you on my back. You caused your mother a lot of pain but I will repay you that in horrible dad jokes and stupid names that you probably already know by now. Today me and your mom decided to give you the nickname muffin why? I honestly don’t know but I am hungry so maybe that’s why?


Anyway me and your mom decided to write in a book that we can give you later on. Basically when you are going to miss us both or we might leave you both soon. We promised each other that we would give the book to you until the last second so you can enjoy everything and still have a peace of us when we are completely gone. I honestly don’t know who will be gone first but I am sure it’s me because your mom is way to hot to die first right? Only me… okay haha but yah if one of us gave you this then it’s almost the end of the two of us and that makes us both sad. So we made this little poem book just for you.


I am the only one who writes in it right now because your mother is exhausted from shooting you out of her body but I am sure she will write in it later as well. And I hope we are able to fill it up soon enough but we have some time for that I hope and otherwise more space for the other person right? Better to see it from a positive side then the negative. Anyway little muffin enjoy our poems and our writing. I hope we can learn you something and we hope that you don’t feel as alone if we just left you alone on the world.


Your super dad’’


I get tears in my eyes because I haven’t seen my dads hand writing for years and something like this is huge to me at least. My mom just looks at me with a bit of hope and sadness and grabbed my hand. I know exactly what this means. Instead of saying something she shuffles two peaces of paper my way. They are both different hand writing and I know one is from her and one if of my dads. I decide to read my dads peace of paper first so my mom can hear it as well.


‘’My last heartbeat by super dad David.


Even though I lay here with the last beat in my chest,

I know the world will never end for real,

My head is full of movies, poems and series I share,

And the most beautiful thing of all,

The muffin I created years ago.


While running through the grass,

I learned you how to spread your wings,

I saw you grow like a little seed that became the most beautiful flower of all,

And even though you never really saw your beauty,

We knew you could reach the stars.


The little muffin we raised,

Through thick and thin,

Through storms and sunshine

That little muffin survived it all.


But today is not the day of my little muffin,

Because one of the doors will close forever.

My door will close forever for the little muffin that I raised.


While my heartbeat gives out his last pumps,

My life will be all for them,

For my star that starts with an S,

And my little muffin who lifted my life to a better purpose.


And even though my heart will give out,

My heart will never be given away to another,

Because with every beat I gave in my life,

That was all for them,

And they are the only ones that will truly hold my heart.


My lasts beats will be of you my little muffin,

Fifth beat is how blessed I am to have raised you,

Fourth beat is for how happy I am to have met you,

Third beat stands for how beautiful you grew up to be,

Second beat stands for how proud I will always be,

Last beat is for how much I will always love you.


I love you with all my heart little muffin

And now lets end it on a beep.


Your always super proud dad’’


My eyes water and I don’t know what to say. I never knew my dad wrote poems like this in the first place but this he wrote for us but mostly for me. I see my mom shed a tear and I start to read her poem.

‘’my little star made by Sonja


Like a star in the sky you shine,

And even though the darkness consumes the things around you,

You shine bright.


Guiding the lost to hope,

And making the world a brighter place for others.


Response to MWC19 - February- Love 2019-02-11 16:55:03

You always wanted to be a star,

Not like in the tv shows but in the sky,

But even though you never saw it you already are.


Your smile brightens up the world,

And even though you have been almost consumed by a black hole,

You stayed strong and continued on.

You decided that you wanted your light to shine just a bit longer.


And now you are here.

Again close to the blackness.

Where no light is passing by,

Almost alone.

But I am here little star.


Like star signs we will always be connected.

And even if I am gone my light will reach your star,

Even after thousands of years.

But old stars die and it’s time to go.


We will be thousands of miles apart

But my star will always shine for you,

And even though I haven’t always shine as bright as you

Know that this star has always loved you,

From the core to the outer layer of her being.


You reached the stars,

And you will reach even higher,

Don’t doubt your brightness and yourself,

Your perfect as you are,

And even if your light stutters sometimes,

You will always be beautiful to me,

To us.


Your our little star,

And I love you with all of my heart,

Don’t forget to shine little star,

I am sure a lot of other stars will find your light beautiful.


Your one star mom Sonja’’


My mom is kinda crying right now and I know I will miss her soon enough. I stand up and walk over to her and give her the longest hug I could give. Usually I am not really a hugging person but for this time I just wanted her to know how much I love her. That day we spent all day on the couch with hot chocolate and movies. I can say that was one of the happiest days of my life.


Unfortunally we are all together today to grieve the day that came after that. My mom passed away in the afternoon without a notice. The doctors say her heart failed and they couldn’t save her. I miss her just as much as my dad but sometimes people forget they have memories of the people they love most.


I will not ask the question why this happened to me and why they left me behind. This is just the way life is and sometimes it hurts. Unfortunally I will grieve about the loss of a loved one but I will also cherish the love she and my dad gave me and as some might say they are now happily together and watching over me.


Let’s never forget that even though we lost people who we love most, they loved as just as much and the memories and experiences we have had with those people are the most valuable of them all. 

~The End