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Rebirth, Revelation, Retribution

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First version v0.1: VGM challenge "Final Push". Basically the end credits medley. For now there's the intro, slightly nerfed heroic themes, scheming, intrigue, and a couple of final level type themes. I plan on adding final boss, maybe another section and happy ending (basically a repeat of the heroic themes but this time more decisively complete) in the end. In general the structure is very flexible, to the point I've already shuffled these sections around a couple times, and probably will do in the future. In a vacuum I like the synthwave section in the end, and the scheming section in the middle, less keen on the intro. I'll probably remake the intro, but we'll see.

So there's a lot of little improvements to be made, especially in the beginning. I want to expand the sound palette, which for now is mostly made of the same electronic set. Drums are quite barebones. Mixing is rough, and there are a lot of moments of melodic awkwardness and a couple of jerky transitions. Scheming section is basically an island in a sea of otherwise connected motifs and melodic material, and I want to incorporate it more into the rest of the track. In general there's some fat in the melodic material I plan on trimming off to make more room for motifs and motivic transformation.

V0.2: Apparently I lost this section in one of the edits. Oh well.

v0.3 update: Rewrote intro, still not quite where I want it, but much more connected to the rest of the material. There's now a final boss theme in the end, which is very unfinished right now, with a placeholder bridge between it and the previous section. In the project file there's a skeleton of an outro that I cut from this preview because it's not in the shape to even be a proof of concept and lacks a connective bridge to the rest of the song. Instrumentation, mixing, sound design are still almost untouched from the last time. The project structure now goes thus:

Intro -> Heroic themes -> Villain's scheme theme -> Intrigue, peril -> Final push -> One-winged angel transformation into Final boss -> Outro (Not in the audio)

v0.4 update: All sections exist now, including finale and outro. Drums could use variety, some transitions need smoothing out a bit and as always, tweaking. Now the biggest chunk of work ahead are in arrangement and instrumentation.

v0.5/v0.6 update: Sound design changes and mixing for the most part. At this point the only changes I might make are to the bridge before the bossfight, which I overhauled in this version.

V0.7-> v1.0 release: Alright I think I'm about done with this project. It bloated like a balloon, but in the end, I managed to pull something together. As always, speak if something's on your mind, but I'm not going out of my way to work on this project any time soon.

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As a fan of villain themes, I like the scheme theme in this one. My impression is that the villain is not exactly overtly evil, but a more calm and chill type, while also being clearly shady.
The battle themes have these great electronic melodies, but I feel it could be more intense if they are intended for boss themes (unless they are being intentionally nerfed), and would probably benefit from more dynamics, like having some parts get louder, and possibly more instruments.

The outro is very smooth and appropriately dramatic.

My favorite parts are:

Quite the project you have done! I love the simplicity in a lot of the song (mainly in the beginning).
Overall, I love the song as a whole, regardless of the perspective (I have three for this song: story, background, mood).
Also, so many long songs for the VGM challenge. :P (I can't say anything since mine is over 8 minutes long: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/985060)

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Jan 11, 2021
12:56 PM EST
Video Game
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