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A Hero's Purpose (NG VGM Challenge)

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I made this for the NG VGM challenge. More specifically, this was for Ectibot's group, "The Forgotten Journey".

Honestly, this was a lot of fun to make (despite how much CPU the project used up). I had decided to go for multiple progressions in one song, signaling multiple sections/segments for said theme.

If I don't manage to finish another song before the year's over, then this song will be my 2020 tribute.



0:00 - Introduction/Exposition

Let me begin to tell you a story about a journey of the hero known as "The Forgotten One". In the forgotten land of what was Allenstadt, there was once a young orphan boy who was prophesized to defeat the soon revived Demon King of Algaborg. Not much is known about him, but his feats, according to those who have heard the story, are thought to be otherworldly. However, his origins are that of true struggle.

1:42 - A Hero's First Missions

The boy's initial tasks were never simple. He had to train and endure himself to perform very harsh tasks. Despite the harshness and difficulties, he chose to pursue the foretold prophecy of becoming the hero of Allenstadt.

2:46 - Transition

3:00 - An Attempt to Find One's Purpose

Soon, the boy had to his purpose as a hero. At first glance, it sounds very simple. In reality, it is quite difficult. The hero chose to pursue more hard training, gruesome missions/tasks, and even facing a few bosses along the way. However, that may be just the surface. It could be months or even years until he is ready to face the Demon King of Algaborg.

4:15 - Interlude

4:42 - Lurking Treat

Something is wrong. What could it be? There is clear something wrong. The ground shakes. The trees viciously sway to the sudden harsh winds. What is lurking among the landscape?

5:59 - Transition

6:17 - Boss Battle

It has come. The boss battle has begun. Who could it be? Could it finally be the Demon King of Algaborg? Will the hero survive? Could he defeat the Demon King of Algaborg? The fate of his land depends on whether or not he can defeat the Demon King.

6:45 - Climax

The hero could be on his last legs, or the boss is about to be defeated. The hero can't give up. He has town to save, if not the whole land.

7:26 - Transition

7:35 - Conclusion

The Demon King of Algaborg has finally been defeated, but at what cost? Hundreds (if not thousands) of citizens of Allenstadt have witnessed the battle, but only a select few were to remember the whole journey.


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Really good stuff :0

i need more vocals
this music sounds... empty.

Kysertron responds:

not sure why you were looking for vocals in my music ("._.)

A really strong track from you, which is not a surprise. It's really cool that you separated the track into separate chapters, and you completely nailed exactly what you wanted to convey for every chapter. Almost didn't have to read to understand exactly what was going on throughout.
You do a very good job by utilizing calm sections to create tension and make your climaxes sound even bigger which I always love. That part at 04:40 is especially well done.

Sound design vise you have great huge sounding drums that really sets the atmosphere, and as a sound effects junkie I really liked the way you used sound effects for the transitions. Also seemingly small details like that background wind effect at 01:54 and 5:04 really helps even further establish the atmosphere.

If there is one thing I can point out with this track is that it could benefit from more memorable theme melodies. I really like how you keep returning to similar melody patterns which really makes this feel like a full track rather than 10 different tracks, but a lot of the time the melody just feel like going up and down a scale which makes it a bit forgettable.
Also, just to really nitpick here it feels like the track starts a bit abruptly. I would personally start it almost completely silent then slowly bring in the strings with automation. It's very nitpicky, but you did a really good job building up the track everywhere else, so wished the intro got the same attention.

Overall this is a great track, and I really enjoyed listen to. I honestly did not expect to depict the hero's ENTIRE journey, but here we are and you did a great job with it. Hope what I've written made any sense, and If you got any questions just let me know :)

You uploaded this around the time when I started working on my version for this challenge, and I think I might have consioucly or unconsciously been inspired a bit by your song structure :)

You build up a really nice atmosphere and use interesting chord progressions. Also I think the different parts of the song fit well with the journey theme and the development of the hero's story. The combination of acoustic and electronic sounds works well in your track, and the mixing and mastering sound good to me. It's great that you use tempo changes, sometimes they sound a bit too linear for my taste, but that also fits with the more electronic nature of the track.
My main criticism with this track is that it's not very memorable in my opinion. The track mostly consists of rhythmic elements that drive more or less, depending on the desired mood, and arpeggios that do little more than follow the chord progressions. Now all this sounds really nice, but to me it also sounds like an accompaniment to something that is never introduced. For background music in a game, this might work, though I think even for that it would be nice to have some more memorable elements, even if you don't want to draw too much attention to the music. There is a melody right at the beginning that is also repeated later, but I think for that to be singable and memorable it would have to have less interval jumps and reuse more small elements of itself.
However, all in all, the different parts of the track could probably very well be used as background music in a game and the way that you put all these different atmospheres in one track is quite impressive!

Wow this is really great! I love the driving orchestral drums towards the end, and the nobility and heroism those chord progressions denote! Really cool!

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4.26 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2020
8:00 AM EST
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8 min 17 sec
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