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Mother Machine 8 : The Fallen - Full Project


Author Comments

It occurred to me I didn't upload this yet. Phonometrologist seemed to enjoy the MM7 complete upload so why not? Let's give MM8 a complete upload and see how it goes.

The Fallen (MM8) Taking place immediately after MM7 (The Embrace) Having been sabotaged during MM7, and the subsequent losing of her mind and regressing back to a more nefarious form – MM8 begins to tell a tale of a Mother Machine once again peering into the dark side and having it look back. Mother Machine has become The Fallen (track 1). The Fallen Mother Machine struggles with emotions. She is angry, confused, and the efforts of those who remain faithful fall on deaf ears. Any efforts to pull her from her despair appear to be fruitless. She is just Circling The Drain (track 2). In Her desperation She Lashes Out (track 3) at anyone and anything. Her screams ring out from the deep. What can be done to soothe a raging Mother Machine? Mother Machine has spiraled down to the core. This is the decision-making point for Her, does she once again become The Destroyer? Does she lurk alone in the Deep, void of any Embraced, but safe from ever being hurt again? Her thoughts race from violent anger to recent pleasant memories in a struggle to decipher the path ahead. She stares into the void in agony, but the Abyss Reaches Back (track 4).

Mother Machine recalls the last time she was blinded by rage and what those consequences were. She gets flashes of venturing out from the deep welcoming people back and unclenches. Mother Machine Comes to Her Senses (track 5). Mother Machine is done skulking about in her inner sanctum. She has those who welcomed The Embrace. She has those who wanted to be in the deep. She can’t let the singular actions of a few ruin the repeated efforts of the many. While the lingering pangs of anger make her fingers twitch, it is time to make Her Triumphant Return (track 6). Emerging from her inner sanctum to The Embraced sets off a chain reaction of cheers, and an immediate paradigm shift in mood. Those down below become jubilant and gleeful at the sight of Her. The party-like atmosphere lifts the spirits of all involved. You could hear the noises on the surface; you could listen to the Joy From The Deep. (track 7)

The party subsided. The Embraced, Her followers, looked to Her for what was to come next. Was it to venture to the surface again for vengeance? No. Mother Machine instead gathered everyone around and started speaking about what she’s learned about how she wants to end the cycle of violence. She didn’t want to be fallen. She wanted to be redeemed. That had to come from within, and those machinations were well underway. She was giving a Sermon From the Lair. (track 8)

Mother Machine desired an end to the cycle of fear and hate. She didn’t need to try to go to the other extreme and try to force people to love her but was content with acceptance. To do this, She must accept Herself and Her nature. Mother Machine is beautiful, mechanical, and terrifying to those unfamiliar with Her. She has a dark past but can have a bright future. She is capable of many things, but She wants to let Her work speak for Her. She is embracing the Philosophy of Flow. (track 9)

Mother Machine and The Embraced are doing their best to accept the ups and downs of life as they are. After a difficult period will come an easy one and then another difficult one. Celebrate when you can, and work hard when required. There is much to do still, a lot of damage to atone for, and wounds simply do not heal overnight. There will be setbacks, and the way will be lost from time to time. However, as Mother Machine looks around The Deep, She sees a place She wants to call home, and not a place simply to hide from others. The Lair of Mother Machine is filled with painful memories, but new ones can be made! She and those in her company can Flow Beyond Tragedy. (track 10)

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Really neat stuff! The sound design here is great, and the mixing and mastering is top-notch. The texture is a little bottom-heavy for my tastes, and within a given movement/track the composition isn't super dynamic, but across the entire thing there's a lot of musical variety. I think my favorite part is around the 10-minute mark or so. That entire section is really catchy, with some cool filtering and a clever use of minimalism. Solid work! ^_^

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4.52 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2020
7:41 PM EDT
File Info
68.7 MB
30 min 0 sec

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