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Death to Ye Three

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Author Comments

A premature eulogy.

CD Cover art:

Edit: Thank you for the frontpage feature!

Edit 2 (15.02.2021): I made a little video to match the song, which you can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsyyfMwRKxQ

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When I first heard this piece last week, my reaction was similar to Mookes, "Woah!" I wasn't expecting something this well produced and ambitious from you. The title, theme, arrangement, and tone has made this track the most fun for me in this round to listen to. The instrument at 18 seconds with the chanting was a great idea. The different time signatures, and the chord progression at the end with the frantic violin are some of the highlights for me. You have a lot of different ideas going on here that makes this interesting to listen to multiple times. I appreciate the flanger effect as well. Please experiment more with these types of effects. I could totally see how someone would like to do dark magic with this piece.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you for the extremely kind words, and for the fun review!
I decided I want to approach the NGADM differently this year. Last year, I wanted to create solely solo piano tracks, as they are my forte, and I had computer issues at the time. This year, I have a great set-up, and I want to show that I can do other things than just piano!

Great catch at 0:18! The intro and transition into that part is what sparked my idea for this piece, and the rest quite naturally developed from there. I also wanted to practice a bit with transitioning between time signatures, and not being afraid of "breaks" in the music, short as they are. The NGADM is always such a great motivator for musical development :D

You can certainly look forward to more experiments if I move on to the next round ;)


LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you for listening!! :3

Those violins were feeding me some serious Mendelssohn vibes, couldn't get enough. Sorry to ask but what are you using to get those vocals? They're great but they sounded a little cramped for space at the intro. After 00:17 every thing works out really nicely. Might have just been the highs of that white noise. What was that white noise supposed to be? Is that a result of EQ? Sounded like it could have been perc but I think the mix could have been better without it, imo. I also noticed there was a flanger or phaser on the vocals before the two minute mark. That was kind of weird, maybe that caused the mix problem I'm having?

Seriously, those violins blew me away. Good stuff lsd <3

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hey, and thank you for the review!
I think in the intro, what happened is... Normally when I go through a mix I check the sound on many different headphones as well as my speakers. But as this is the NGADM, I finished the song somewhere around 5am, and I used only my main set of headphones. Thus, there is just a little bit too much reverb that is heard in headphones with less space, especially on the high end. All of the parts in the intro end with "nus" or "mus" or "tus". This leads to the "S" syllable becoming a bit intense, which is probably the white noise you're referring to. I wonder if maybe a de-esser could've worked, or maybe I could've worked on the release. I don't really mind it, but I can hear what you mean!

It's a flanger indeed, but the effect is only active between 1:47-2:00, for the slowdown and unconventional key/chords.

I'm glad you like the violins, those were definitely the hardest and most time-consuming part! Even though I knew immediately what I wanted to do with them, I had to spend hours putting all the notes and harmonies in :'D

Fithos... Lusec... Wecos... Vinosec...... Sephiroth!

Clearly, I can draw a parallel or three from different video game soundtracks (mostly Final Fantasy with a hint of Super Smash Bros.), but despite such influences you've really owned this particular genre.

As much as I love your use of intense chant-like vocals in this piece, I can't help but feel that those frenetic violin strings are still the standout performance. Suffice to say, it all comes together in a very epic way. I mean, I can't actually understand a word, but who cares? It's pure awesome and totally Boss Battle nostalgic.

You pull off a lot of tempo changes and ritardandos that I feel would be incredibly difficult with a troop of actual musicians trying to play and sing in sync. There's something kind of amazing in that knowledge that makes it feel particularly innovative.

The heavy-hitting percussion in the background serves to drive the piece fiercely, but you've also chosen some really poignant moments to drop it and bring it back in. On top of that, you've got some beautiful echoing celesta notes that ring along with what I can only assume is a harp for the early arpeggios. And finally, the track would never be complete without those resounding tubular or carillon bells.

I can honestly say that I've never heard a piece quite like this from you. I'm thrilled that you pulled something like this off so brilliantly, and have thoroughly enjoyed listening several times through as I penned this review. Simply fantastic, Alex! And best of luck in the NGADM.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Music from Final Fantasy is definitely one of my inspirations! The song is also slightly inspired by Mozart.

I'm glad that people so far seem to like the strings. Those parts definitely took the longest to write, and get right. Here's a secret about the choirs... I can't understand a word either! Well, a couple I can, but just because they're a little bit typical :'D

I'm also really happy to see that you notice the different tempo changes. I also change between time signatures a couple of times. The song actually starts in 5/4, which was really fun. It moves on to 6/8, and the final part is your standard 4/4 (though the part between 2:09 and 2:19 is actually just 7 bars, which is also a bit unusual).

I also think that this piece would be very very difficult to play for an orchestra, but I do believe it's at least (theoretically) possible.

You've also caught on to what I think was the most fun part to work on in the piece, which is the breaks/alterations, such as leaving the percussion out here and there, and suddenly dropping instruments. It is not a harp though, but it's actually the una corda; a piano. But what makes it special is that each note only has one string, which might explain why it sounds a bit harp like, especially on the lower notes.

Thank you for such a wonderful review and analysis! <3

Hats off to you man, I feel like you've got this after listening to everyone in our group. Seriously pro work. 👏

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks man! Don't count yourself out yet; I've learned not to assume too much about the NGADM until results are out. Good job on your track too, and good luck!

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Aug 9, 2020
9:58 PM EDT
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