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Terminal Velocity (demo)


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Leaving this here for historical reference... The new, remade version is here:


One last chance to hit them where it hurts before it's too late. The machines are almost ready to repulse us from Earth, our home. They are developing new technologies which will soon outpace our own.

Glorious speeches, great fanfare, popular politicians and famous pilots, all ready to go to war when, to our utter shock, the machines strike first, destroying our greatest cities in one huge uprising. Thus begins the war for our survival.

The last bastion of humanity, Mars, still hangs in the sky, far away from the turmoil.


The second track in the same style is Tempest Engine, Terminal Velocity (title may change when I add vocals) sits in the same universe but tells a different part of the story. I'm piecing together a story as I write the tracks which will eventually fit together to make a concept album of sorts (I hope).

This part takes place before Tempest Engine, at the very start of the story.

This will eventually have vocals!... Wish I had a mic here.

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I like the bright-sounding guitars and underlying cinematic vibe this has. Almost sounds like an anime soundtrack. The element of suspense is nice, and there also lots of cool riffs like at :42. Sometimes I think the synths and guitars are fighting against each other a little too much, though, especially since they're both pretty staccato-y and frantic. I'm really liking the added intensity by around 2:20, especially since that section had a more melodic flair. I'm looking forward to hearing the vocals! Seems like it's a piece worthy of some storytelling to go along with it. :) Keep it up, MetalRenard! ^^

I like your use of the keyboard in this piece. It helps develop that sci-fi effect you're going for, and in general plays along well with the rest of the instruments. Your riffs are also strong and loud, boosting the overall intensity of the song. The complex rhythms to go along with it are intriguing as well, and the quality of the audio is very polished.

The piece in general could use a little more variety however. What you have is great, but more changes in such as the song structure, instruments, and possibly key or tempo could better maintain your listener's interest. Adding vocals like you stated in your description is a great start at achieving this. Your transition at 2:30 is a solid example of what you could use to build upon and change up your composition a bit.

All in all, I think you did a good job on this piece. With a little more development, this could be an excellent song.

Average: 81%

MetalRenard responds:

Thanks for the detailed review!
I totally agree with you that in its current form it needs more variation! I can't wait to revisit this one day with my microphone... I usually go through and edit the track to fit the vocals too so there will likely be other changes at that stage.

I'm setting myself a new challenge with every piece this one being the time signature which influences the rhythm. I'm happy you enjoyed that aspect.


Sick. I wonder what it would sound like with lyrics. Oh well. Great job as always man. Keep up the awesome. :)

MetalRenard responds:

Thanks for always taking the time! Yeah I wonder too... I only write the lyrics and vocal melody when I'm in front of a mic so it's a mystery even to me, today.


MetalRenard responds:


I honestly prefer instrumentals and THIS IS WHY! I love the mix of instruments and the cool drums! The bass and synths are great and blend so well! To say nothing of the actual guitar!

MetalRenard responds:

Yeah I know what you mean, sometimes you don't need vocals. I often release instrumentals alongside the vocal versions for peeps who prefer it that way. Thank you so much for the kind words, I feel like I'm on a journey to rediscover my inspiration, I haven't released 2 tracks this close together for over 5 years and I don't feel like my inspiration is gone yet even now.

Here's a secret for you, the bass is just a guitar that I used studio wizardry on. :3

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Jan 18, 2020
8:33 PM EST
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