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Better Than The Book - Artificial Ignorance


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Music written, performed and produced by Nick Standing

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I’m not gonna let you screw me over one more time

I know I can be bitter

And you think I should know better but

I’m only human

And I’m not the type to hold a grudge

But some things I can’t let budge

Because I’m only human

Did you just not know or even care?

Think I don’t see through your cold icy stare

And as soon as my back’s turned I bet you’re laughing

I’m not gonna let you screw me over one more time

Wish I could see through every one of your infuriating lies

Don’t try to be intelligent

Saying this was just an accident

All of my patience’s spent for your

Artificial ignorance

Maybe it was an honest mistake

How did things escalate?

I guess you’re just like me; and I’m only human

And maybe I could forgive and forget

But I’m just not ready to do that yet because

I’m only human

Fool me once; that’s shame on you

Fool me twice; that’s shame on me

And don’t expect me to give you another chance

You keep raising red flags

I’ve only got white ones to fly

I guess that’s probably why I’m treated like a doormat

And I try to see the best in people

But I guess you’re just pure evil

And maybe I’d sleep better if I never had to think of you again

I’m not gonna let myself get screwed over another time

Until the next one comes along and I naively say “I’ll try”

I swear this happens every time

Why do I keep turning a blind eye?

I’ve gotta get over my

Artificial ignorance

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Dude! Hell yeah!

Jabun responds:

Woot woot! Happy to hear you enjoyed it, and thanks for listening :D

*oh no my secret love for ska music is coming clear*

this is some high quality music

Jabun responds:

Ska love should never be kept a secret XD Super happy you enjoyed the music and many thanks for listening :)

pleasantly surprised nice LIKE SUPER NICE everything goes to together in an almost godlike manner witch is saying you have passed perfection witch is LIKE SUPER NICE and the first time i liked some random song immediately PLUS IT RESONATES WITH ME ON A SPIRITUAL LEVEL AND. ... ACTUALLY ON ALL LEVELS WITCH IS NICE

Jabun responds:

Ah whoa, thanks so much for all the amazing comments! I've been working super hard to get to this point in my craft so it's great to hear that people are hearing all that work put in too :D Super happy you loved the track and thanks so much again! This is a great way to wake up in the morning XD

I saw your song on the front page, and I must say that it is awesome!

Jabun responds:

Thanks so much and super happy you enjoyed it! I've just released another track today, and the rest of the Hopes and Dreams album will be coming out in 2 weeks. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for listening :)

This is amazing :)

Jabun responds:

Ah thanks so much! I didn't realise this got front-paged! The 3rd single for the upcoming album (which releases on July 19th) is coming out tomorrow (July 5th) so I hope you enjoy it too. Thanks so much for listening :D

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