Dynamisis (NGRMC)

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BPM: 100.
Genre(s): Dance/Trance/Synthwave/NewEraSynth.

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I love this so much woooo

MRM3 responds:

Omg you're the 500th listen!!!!

The instruments you chose / designed are good, there is a pluck that stills disturb me a little.
01:35 the transition is not bad but I feel like it should be calmer, and also the stabs shouldn't be there.
I like the flute kind of instruments you used around the end, the muted guitar plucks should be an octave higher I think

I'm thinking your kick needs some more 808. As is it sounds almost like a low tuned snare bottom mic. It's also a bit too loud in the beginning and hard for me to differentiate with the other elements.

What little else I think I have to say about your perc could probably be best summed up in Quarl's comments about samples, particularly how that clap-snare sounds good, but doesn't quite cut it as a snare itself. It'd make a better top layer.

Compositionally, this is a very interesting take on the melody itself, largely aided by an almost otherly chord progression. I'm a bit confused by the choruses such as 2:23 where it doesn't really feel like we're in our home key, and the overarching melody itself is just a visitor from another dimension.

I'm also pretty sure this is somewhere in the realm of house rather than synthwave. Synthwave is fairly 80's-ish in its presentation. This is much more modern.

That said, not bad. I dig it.

Thanks for coming out to NGRMC!

MRM3 responds:

Oh. My. Goodness.
I'm so sorry for the late reply!!!
I had a whole responce typed out 3 times, no less, and apparently the tab got closed or something, and it didn't register.
There are those things in life that make you want to kick yourself repeatedly, and then keep on kicking yourself.
I totally agree with the "needs more 808" part, wow, this would be so much different if I had made it now. xd
I changed it to "house" after you had said that.
The clap snare could definitely be added to.
On the subject of the Chord progression, I am vastly inexperienced.
Thank you so much for the review!!
And I will definitely be participating next year (given that NGRMC is still around next year)

Woohoo, I can really hear the progression you've been making. First, the things I like then I'll hand you a few more ideas.

That intro was super tight. The melodies were super creative. The build up at 00:40 - 00:57 was perfect. You have a real strength with melodies and build ups. The instruments were all well chosen too. You have a good ear for this. That final build up into the outro was perfect. Great ending :')

Now the stuff that got me thinking, that tiny clap snare was a tiny let down. I'd have used something with some more punch, some more mids. Maybe a hip hop snare, a dubstep snare, a rock snare, or just something with more punch and less clap. The clap snare might still make a good layer though. The bass drum left something to be desired too but you're learning stuffs so I'm happy.

I want to talk more about drum layering but I think we need to talk about compression and equalization. You're pushing your levels to their breaking point which is creating some distortion and effecting the overall texture of the track in a bad way; clipping. I have the horsepower in Reason 6 to put a compressor and EQ on every instrument. The compressor can help an instrument sound louder while keeping it's levels in check. If you can operate a compressor in your DAW, start fooling around with it. Just slapping one on an instrument won't make things sound better but it will give you some more control over your levels without pushing things into the red.

The EQ will just let you fiddle finer tunes from your instruments. God, I feel so incapable of describing these things today. Don Julio, why???

Last idea I'll leave you with is a fun one, you might enjoy this. Search youtube for samples. I plug searches into google and ride the video links to good samples. I've searched for "skrillex snares," "dubstep samples," "monologues," "George Bush." If I find a video that contains sounds I like, I go to a website like https://ytmp3.cc/ to convert youtube videos into mp3. Then I use Audacity (freeware) to clip the samples into WAV files I can use in Reason. Some of my best samples came from youtube videos. I have the experience to clean up what I find in Reason but you should have similar capabilities.

Keep jamming and have fun Mr. M3. I'm loving it.

MRM3 responds:

Wow, thanks!
This is really quite a bit more than I could have hoped for... And then some... :)
I'll keep everything close in mind, while making music!
I don't have access to many samples yet, but my arsenal is growing! :)
I'm like a kid, with an overactive imagination, yet, with a half-sized tool-box; trying to build a skyscraper, with only a handsaw, a screwdriver, and some nails.
Then you come along... "Here son, try this new chainsaw, and drill!"
Thank you so much!
I don't plan on stopping music any time soon. ^,^

[Official NGRMC Review]

The song was good, and I could see improvement. However, I agree with Zophar about the kick, you needed to pick a more lowpass filtered one. After your build-up in the beginning, it was a bit disappointing and it needed that extra emphasis. The build-up itself needed to be more emphasized as well. Other than that it was a good song! Good luck on the competition!

MRM3 responds:

Thank you!

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Aug 30, 2018
2:51 PM EDT
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