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May 12, 2007 | 4:04 PM EDT
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4 min 18 sec
4.23 / 5.00

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Rated 4.23 / 5 stars
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Author Comments

new tune, new vsti's, little atmospheric arranging, thoughts and comments?



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


that ambiance at the beginning is in desperate need of filtering - its much too dominant - has to be toned farther back - so it doesnt assault you - just be some nice ambiance - to feel like you're lets say.. in a cave.. the panning on it is nice tho. and the strings are beautiful - sadly they and the synth are drowned out because you still don't seem to see that the ambiance HAS to take backstage and can NOT overpower the song like its doing. And don't go using excuses - if you want reviews from me I will keep pointing out the stereo flaws until you learn to fix them! :P

I like the bell on the right tho - aside from everything else being drowned out - it doesnt seem to be as much.

My advice - have people listen to your tracks before you submit them - I do - it leats me know how other people view them and what they pick up that I don't.

All your songs are great tho - but your production makes a lot of them lost their potential. This would be an awesome track if it werent for that atmosphere colliding with everything - it has great buildup - sadly I cant give it the score I want to tho - sorry.


pitbulljones responds:

Yep very much agree, opening ambience is too loud, i tamed it abit but obviously not far enough, probably roll a lot of the low end off it to opne up some frequencies. don't worry about harsh critiuqing me, very much appreiciate it.

As you've mentioned before i need some proper monitors and headphones, i go off my speakers which aint great so i know im missing loads. really need to get my tascam fixed.

I think you enjoyed the track just let down by the production, which is why you're saying what is said. believe me it's taken on board.

thanks very much again



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wonderful ambiance preceding impending violence.

Europe in the Middle Ages. Morning has dawned, and a vassal lays siege to his lord's stronghold. The mist is still thick as chain-mailed infantry run errands and the necessary preparations. Trebuchets and various siege equipment are being set up, with mounted knights shouting the orders of their lord. As the electronic instrument barges in mid-track, the images of medieval Europe begin to grow staticky and are slowly replaced by images of modern destruction and combat. What can I say? Wonderful ambiance preceding impending violence. You've deviated from your old style, I can tell.

pitbulljones responds:

haha, i like the imagery mate, very nice indeed. Im seriously just gonna get you to write reviews for every soing on my mysace or summat. It's always nice when people get images from songs, whatever the song is, it means it's created an atmosphere




Rated 5 / 5 stars


I'm hoping this one is something nice and dark; that last one was a little bit too happy for me to start my morning off with :P

Nice... percussion? In the beginning? Weird sounds? I dunno what they are, but they sound nifty. Your strings are also nice, but I would have preferred some progression into the chords. Like, maybe only playing the bass notes in the chords first, then eventually, over the intro, build up the chords to their full potential by adding the rest of the notes.

I hear some very nice sounds in the background, very electronic. But, another thing I hear is bad compression problems. At least in your strings. I'm pretty sure strings aren't supposed to waver like that :O Might wanna watch your compressor/volume of your bassy instruments.

Ah, I like your "melody". A sinister sounding bell rythym. Satisfying to me, even though I would really like some percussion in this song. I can understand if there's no percussion in a song when it fits, but this song is just screaming for some heavy industrial beats that would just add to the evilness of this song.

Very nice work, but like in the last song, watch out for quality and for your compression. Make it sound fresh, bro.

Keep it easy;


pitbulljones responds:

yo zenon, thanks for the review. yea them opening sounds are some ambience settings from nexus. just a preset patch nowt special. that string wavering issue is actually part of the patch i used it is a bit synthy but hopefully it isn't a mjor impatc on what i was trying to achieve.

glad you like the bell, little nice sounds mied with the dark always tend to stand out and give a sinister edge. I was gonna add percussion and in my original comp i had some but i personally didnt like it so took it out.

Thanks again mate

pm me when you have owt up.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

There's a train driving over my head!

Neato starting sample. It morphs from sounding like a train going post to some weird tribal drums in the distance.

The strings and pad have a nice high quality sound, but I think they could be panned around a bit to suit the "train going past" sound a bit better and create some crazyass aural soundscape. I like the weird chords used as well, very dark and unsettling.

You must have noticed that I love using glockenspiels/bells in my songs, so I was very pleased to hear you using some.

Just looped again...

The strings come in a bit harshly I think, but you completely forget about that once it gets going. You could maybe start the strings on a lower octave and move slowly up to where you are now to allow it to blend with the "train" sound a bit more.

The bells! They inexplicably remind me of the film "Saw", creepy and unnerving. I really enjoyed listening to this song, it inspires a lot of different thoughts and feelings; which for me is the main reason for listening to music!

Awesome Fünf/Fünf.

pitbulljones responds:

yo thanks very much for the review man. That opening synth is supposed to sound like bombs or somehting, just an atmos synth, helps portray a mood though.

The strings were a case of trial and eror, finding weird progressions and stuff, works well for this. i don't know why sometimes things cut in too harshly, i have an inkling it's to do with my limiter of compression i really have to spend more time doing shit like that.

thanks vey much again and i'm glad you enjoyed the piece.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


intro very nice, dramatic with the deep reverb and strings.
All gets swallowed up in reverb a little, would like to hear the strings more 'cutting' and the synth delays really hit hard, then pan and fade. The bell sound panned right is nice, then the following sound panned left helps contrast nicely,.(maybe too far panned though, they sound a little distant)
Really atmospheric tune.
Simple but engrossing.

pitbulljones responds:

Thanks KB for the review. Yea as mentioned before the atmos was original going to introduce like a war/epic sound stage, but as usual things mutate, i did choose for the strings to be softer than normal but i understand where you're coming from, may just need a faster attack more than anythingon em.

Panning is always a problem with me, i use lil satellite speakers and im used to em but stereoimaging is a problem, need headphones and proper monitors, taken on board nonetheless.

thanks again KB

PM me when you have anything you'd like me to peruse.